Dear Expectant Parent...

We are so excited to become parents!
Dear expectant parent,

We are Shannon and Dan, a happily married couple from Virginia, and we are so excited to become parents! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. We know that you have a difficult decision ahead of you and that developing an adoption plan can be overwhelming. We want to assure you that with us, your child would grow up in a happy, loving, and stable home.

We have always wanted a large family to share our home and our lives. We have been trying to have a baby since shortly after our wedding. It has been a long, painful, and sometimes joyful journey. We lost three babies through miscarriage, but we are still determined to expand our family. After a debate over whether to pursue fertility treatments, we decided that adoption would be the better choice for us. We have so much love to give and we hope to make your child part of our family.

It is important to us that our child has a relationship with their first family. We want them to understand where they came from and know that all the people in their lives love them. We hope to maintain regular communication and even plan some visits. These relationships are important not only to assure the first family that their child is loved and well-cared for, but we think it is essential that children understand the heritage and culture they were born into.

With love,
Shannon and Dan
Shannon and Dan in St. Augustine, FL

Shannon and Dan in St. Augustine, FL

About us

Dan grew up in Michigan and lived in Los Angeles for a few years before moving to Virginia for work in 2002. He works as an accountant for a construction company. Dan enjoys cooking and barbecuing, and he makes some of the best brisket around. Dan loves to watch football and usually juggles several fantasy football teams each fall. He is a dedicated Lions fan. Dan is also an Eagle Scout and enjoys camping and hiking. Dan enjoys TV and movies, especially sci-fi and action/adventure films, which he's always dragging Shannon to see. Dan has a soft spot for Pixar movies and always cries when he watches Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

Shannon was born in Delaware and moved around a lot as a child before her parents landed in Pennsylvania where she spent most of her childhood and attended college. She lived in Florida for a couple of years while attending graduate school and moved to Virginia for work in 2004. Shannon works for the federal government and LOVES her job. Shannon is an expert baker and is well-known among family, friends, and co-workers for her cupcakes. Shannon enjoys reading, writing, singing, listening to music, exploring antique and craft shops, refinishing furniture, traveling to visit family and friends, yoga, and spending time with all the fur babies.

We are a fun and adventurous couple, and we love spending time with our many fur babies. Shannon had 2 cats when we met and we have been expanding our fur family ever since. We even fostered both dogs and cats for a while! Now we have 3 dogs and 3 cats, each more spoiled every day.
Our home in Northern VA

Our home in Northern VA

Our home

We live in Northern Virginia, in a suburb of Washington, DC. Our house is a 4-bedroom, single family home with a large backyard that has plenty of room for dogs, kids, toys, and the swing set we plan to build! We spend a lot of time in our basement family room. It’s a spacious but cozy room with a fireplace, TV, computer, cat tree, dog beds, bookshelves, and photos of our friends and family. It’s the place where we sit and unwind just and talk about our day, and it’s the place where we talk the most about our children and our future. This is Shannon’s favorite room, and she always planned to make a corner of the room into a play area for children. We also have a den in the next room that eventually we want to turn into a playroom!

Our neighborhood is diverse and full of families with children of all ages. Our closest neighbors have a toddler who LOVES Dan. Every time Dan pulls into our shared driveway, he runs to say hi! Our house is located on a cul-de-sac where there are always kids riding their bikes, flying kites, playing with toy cars, or playing ball. Our child would never have trouble finding kids to play with. We also have a park with a huge jungle gym within walking distance. The Washington, DC area is full of history and culture and other fun activities for families to enjoy together. We have everything to do from museums and monuments to baseball games and hiking/biking trails.
Our wedding

Our wedding

Our family

Our families live in other states, but they are within driving distance, and we see them quite a bit. We are pretty close our parents, and they have all been so supportive of our decision to adopt. They are looking forward to welcoming another grandchild almost as much as we are!

Although they do not live close by, we are a close family. Each year we like to go on a road trip to visit Dan’s family in Florida. His brother recently had a baby, and we look forward to more visits when we can spoil our new niece! We visit Shannon’s parents in North Carolina several times a year. They also come to visit us in Virginia quite often, and we have a great time exploring some of the small towns in our area, going to baseball games, or just playing board games and listening to music while we catch up. Each summer, we rent a beach house with Shannon’s parents and her brother and his wife and son who travel from Texas. Seeing our nephew is one of the best parts of our summer! We spend the week going to the beach, hanging out at the pool, playing mini-golf, and getting ice cream. We look forward to it every year!

We also have a group of friends who live just a few minutes away who are like family to us. We spend a lot of weekends with our closest friends and their two sons, our godsons. We sometimes go out on picnics or out for brunch, or we visit museums or go to some local festival. We often just BBQ and hang out at home playing games. We also go to some of their school events and plays. It’s been a joy watching them grow up, and we know our friends will have the same relationships with our children.