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Hello! We are Shirin and Sachin, a happily married couple living in New York City. Last year, we welcomed our first child, a boy named Shaan. Becoming parents has brought a level of joy and meaning to our lives that is indescribable.

We can’t wait to expand our family again!

We can’t wait to expand our family again!

A few years ago, we started talking about adoption while traveling abroad. We came across so many children looking for a home and decided we wanted to do our part to help. At that time, we promised each other that if we were ever in a position to adopt a child, we would. We are now fully ready to act on that promise.

Our home is full of love, and our friends and family are eager to welcome a sibling for Shaan. You can trust that we will provide all of the love, happiness, and opportunities that we can. We'd love to start a conversation with you. Please reach out over text, phone, or email. Regardless of the path you choose, we wish you the best in your journey.

With love,
Shirin & Sachin
Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Our Story

Ten years ago, we met during a friend’s birthday party and have been together ever since! The evening we met, we stayed up laughing and eating late night food until the next morning. Our love for each other has only grown with time. After a few years together, we got married, bought a home in one of our favorite NYC neighborhoods, traveled to 8 countries, and had a beautiful baby boy named Shaan, with lots of love and laughs in between.

Our love for each other has only grown with time.

Prior to living in NYC, Sachin grew up in Florida. He and his older brother were close in age and in spirit, spending lots of time together pursuing similar interests. Shirin grew up in Dallas and went to university in Philadelphia. Our paths finally converged in NYC shortly after college, a city that has fulfilled so many of our dreams, both as individuals and as a couple.

Today, we have a good balance of work and personal time. For work, Sachin spends his days in advertising and Shirin spends hers in finance. Said simply, he sells stuff and she manages money. We enjoy our careers and, more importantly, the life we are able to live because of them.

As we move into the next chapter in our life, we couldn’t be more excited about adopting a child and showering them with love!
Manhattan, NY

Manhattan, NY

Our Home

We live in Manhattan in a two bedroom apartment. Our neighborhood is great for young families thanks to numerous parks and public spaces for children. It is also centrally located to most places in the city.

Our neighborhood is a great area to raise a child

Fun fact: Sachin’s office is only a 5 minute walk away. We live close enough to the main train stations, which makes it easy to visit family and friends, as well as take mini getaways to the beach and mountains. During the summer, we love to spend time outdoors at parks or beaches, and in the winter, we love to go skiing.

The schools are great in our area, and our neighborhood is filled with children. Our building has a rooftop terrace, large common area with a fun game room, and peaceful garden. Our neighborhood has Madison Square Park and Playground, Madison Square Garden, and amazing restaurants and shops. We are also close to several museums, with our favorite one being the Natural History Museum because of the enormous dinosaur exhibit. Our neighborhood is a great area to raise a child with a safe and loving place to call home.
Biking in Los Angeles, CA

Biking in Los Angeles, CA

Interest and Hobbies

We both love trying new things! We enjoy traveling and especially like to visit places around the world that are off the beaten track, including safaris in Africa and palaces in India. Sachin loves music and physics, while Shirin loves to ice skate (she competed in her youth) and follow entertainment. Being New Yorkers, we love to go out to eat at new restaurants and experience cool museums and exhibits.

Can't wait to explore the world with our children

We are adventurous and always looking for new experiences to share and new memories to create. During the winters, we love to ski and every so often will try our hand at a new sport. We even tried a trapeze class at Coney Island! We enjoy spending time with our close friends and family and can't wait to explore the world with our children.
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