Life really is better when you are laughing!

We are a bit goofy
Hey there!
We have been married for three years and love the life we have built together. We met online while we were both living in Elko, Nevada. It wasn’t love at first sight; in fact, we’re not sure we really liked each other all that much, but as Elko is such a small town there wasn’t a lot to do or a lot of people to do it with. As we pushed through the awkwardness of not liking each other but wanting someone to hangout with, we started to recognize the small things that we did like about each other and over time became the best of friends. We loved exploring the little town and figuring out fun things to do and we laughed a LOT.

In February of 2013, Wade asked, “Why aren’t we dating?” and Sarah had a panic attack! That one sentence was changing the whole relationship and she had no idea what that meant or if she was even interested. She said something like, “You know why,” hoping he would drop the whole thing, and he said, “No, I really don’t.” That began an excruciating week of defining our relationship with a few phrases like “I might have to quit Wade” and “This is scary” being uttered more than once. We got through that with a lot of conversation and decided we should try the dating thing.

Fast forward two weeks (yes, two weeks): We had just finished lunch and Wade said, “You want to get married?” as he nonchalantly put on some chapstick and Sarah again went into full-blown panic mode. (This wasn’t the official proposal; he was just testing the waters). She calmed down pretty quickly and realized that she did love Wade and getting married just felt right. Wade still says surprising things, and we still laugh all the time, and these are some of the best parts of our relationship. Life really is better when you’re laughing!
Selfie while on a roadtrip to the Spiral Jetty

Selfie while on a roadtrip to the Spiral Jetty

Thank you

Thank you for considering adoption. We can’t imagine what you are facing in this moment, but we hope that you find peace as you make these challenging decisions about what is best for you and your baby. When we talked about marriage, we knew that having kids the traditional way may not be an option for us, as Wade has a genetic disorder. When we received the news that what we feared was in fact true, that we wouldn’t be able to have kids the traditional way, it was devastating and a little unbelievable. The fact that we knew this was a possibility didn’t soften the blow like we thought it would. When we thought about our future, kids were always a major part of it so the news shattered life as we knew it. We cried and for a while avoided talking about what was next. Slowly we came to the realization that adoption may be the answer to our prayers, hopes, and dreams. Please know that we have the utmost love and respect for you and think that you are amazing! We are grateful for the time you are taking to get to know us and we can’t wait to meet you!
Taking a tour of the Sydney Harbor while we lived in Australia

Taking a tour of the Sydney Harbor while we lived in Australia

He says...She says...

According to Wade:
Sarah is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love so much about her: her smile; her laugh; how good she is with her family and especially her nieces and nephews. She is such a hard worker at home and her job. She supports me emotionally in all I do. I was nineteen when the doctor told me I likely would not be able to father children on my own. I am excited about the possibility of growing our family through adoption.

According to Sarah:
Wade is just a big kid! He loves cranes (any time he sees one he says “What are we craning?” and now the whole family says it too!), Legos (he has a room full of them), and fishing. When our family gets together, Wade will be the one on the ground with the little ones playing with the cars and trucks or being traced with sidewalk chalk. Wade has a heart of gold, even though he sometimes comes across a bit gruff. It melts my heart every time one of our nieces or nephews ask “Waduhs” to help them... they just love him! Wade has the best work ethic I’ve ever seen; he is not afraid to work hard, whether that be at home or on the job. He is a little shy, but between the two of us, he is definitely the social one! I love that Wade will burst into song, even if he doesn’t know the words. This always happens at the most random times and just makes me giggle. Wade is also an amazing cook. He can make anything, but a few of his specialties are lasagna, ceviche, salsa, and anything smoked! He jokes about opening up a BBQ restaurant--and one day we just might do it. The specialty, of course, being "Wader’s Potaters": a smorgasborg he created a long time ago that is so delicious.
The biggest kid of them all!

The biggest kid of them all!

Never a dull moment

We both come from large families and we love it! There is never a dull moment and we have lots of support for all of the good and bad things life throws our way. Wade has five brothers and grew up in Price, Utah. Sarah has five sisters and two brothers and grew up in Orem, Utah.

We want you to be a part of this loud, fun, rambunctious family!

Between the two families, we have 26 nieces and nephews, and they are our favorite. We love to be part of their lives, whether it be supporting them at dance recitals and sports events or just talking to them about what’s happening in their life. They all are excited about having another cousin to love. Easter is Wade’s favorite holiday and we now plan the family Easter festivities, complete with an Easter Egg hunt, egg decorating, and a sidewalk chalk art competition (with prizes). The whole family gets involved and the chalk drawings get better every year!

We want you to be a part of this loud, fun, rambunctious family. We don’t know exactly what our own little family will look like, but we do know there is plenty of love to share! We are excited to talk about what you see in your future.

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