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There are many truths and also MANY myths floating around out there about foster care. The questions in this quiz come from A Child's Hope, Intl (
1. True or False: I must be married and own a large home to become a foster parent
2. True or False: You do not need to have been a parent to become a foster parent
3. True or False: I must have health insurance that will cover a foster child in my home
4. True or False: One of the adults in our home must become a stay-at-home parent to care for foster children placed with us
5. True or False: Once you are old enough to be a grandparent, you are too old to foster
6. True or False: You have a choice in which children are placed in your care
7. True or False: I can't be a foster parent if I get too easily attached to people
8. True or False: You must make a combined income of over $100,000 per year to be a foster parent