January 7, 2017 · by
The questions in this quiz come from Elizabeth Curry's article:
1. True or False: It is illegal to tell people on social media that you're placing your baby for adoption or that you're looking to adopt
2. According to Ms. Curry, how does social media impact adoption knowledge?
3. True or False: Reaching out to other adoptive parents in your situation may help prevent adoption dissolution
4. True or False: There are Facebook groups specific to individual medical conditions whose support has helped adoptive mothers understand things even doctors couldn't help with
5. How can sharing your concerns about your adopted child's trauma on social media help?
6. True or False: Social media can help direct you to an agency that is best suited to your needs
7. If an adoption agency restricts your access to social media, you should
8. True or False: Even if you're not really skilled with technology, you can use social media to help ensure a successful adoption experience