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The questions in this quiz are from this article by Maya Brown-Zimmerman:
1. For what purpose does one write a "Dear Expectant Parent" letter?
2. True or False: It is absolutely essential to show yourselves in a realistic light in your Dear Expectant Parent letter
3. True or False: A good Dear Expectant Parent letter will keep you from standing out as different from the others
4. True or False: The best way to address your letter is this: Dear Birth Mother
5. Sharing a lot about your situation with infertility could:
6. True or False: It's a good idea to add into your letter feelings of sympathy such as, "I know how horrible you must feel"
7. When composing your Dear Expectant Parent letter you should
8. What does "show instead of tell" mean in regards to a Dear Expectant Parent letter?
9. True or False: Making truthful, specific promises in the letter will help you get the right match
10. True or False: It's important to have a close friend or family member read it and make suggestions