January 19, 2017 · by
The questions in this quiz are taken from an article written by a dad, Tom Andriola:
1. What are some reasons birth fathers may not be an active part of the adoption triad?
2. True or False: A father's prenatal bonding is as strong as a mother's prenatal bonding
3. According to Tom, is this statement True or False? The father should have a chance to be heard before the child is placed for adoption.
4. When is it not appropriate for the birth father to be involved in the decision to place a child for adoption or in the adoption triad relationship?
5. True or False: DNA helps prove paternity, thus allowing birth father's a voice
6. True or False: Birth Fathers have legal rights, even when the birth mother doesn't want them a part of the child's life
7. True or False: When a birth father relinquishes his rights it means he does not want contact from the child
8. Which is a statement that Tom makes in his article?