January 26, 2017 · by
The question is bound to come up at some point! The questions in this quiz are taken from this article by Tom Andriola:
1. What is Tom's short & best answer for when your child asks: "Why did you adopt me?"
2. According to Tom, Why is a lie (even a tender one) a bad idea when your child asks why you adopted them?
3. True or False: According to Tom, the best answer for your child's question is WE CHOSE YOU
4. According to Tom, what two characteristics are most important when answering this question?
5. What do you do if your child asks questions about fertility but they aren't quite old enough for detailed explanation?
6. True or False: It's a good idea to talk with your partner (if you have one) about how you will answer the question when it comes up so you're on the same page
7. True or False: Children are not perceptive enough before the age of 5 to know if you're hiding something
8. Which of the following is a statement Tom uses to emphasize the meat of this article?