January 26, 2017 · by
The questions in this quiz are taken from this article by Shannon Hicks explaining things she had to learn "the hard way"
1. Why is it important to go to court, doctor appointments and teacher visits for your foster kids?
2. Why would you email your non-emergency questions to the social worker rather than call?
3. What do you do if your Social Worker says "no" to something you feel is important?
4. True or False: Love is all you need when it comes to foster parenting
5. According to Shannon, one way to preserve memories and to share the happy times you're having with your foster children is:
6. Which statement does Shannon make in this article about loving a child then having to say good-bye?
7. What does Shannon mean by "Find your Tribe" ?
8. True or False: You will learn all you need to know in foster care training