January 26, 2017 · by
Take a look at guides for the answers to the questions in this quiz ... particularly, Parenting an Adopted Child Guide:
1. Why is it important to recognize that your child is really your's regardless of how they came to be in your family?
2. True or False: To help your child avoid feeling shamed, it's best not to talk about adoption until they bring it up
3. True or False: Adoption always comes from loss
4. True or False: Parental intuition doesn't kick in with an adopted child ... it's a biological thing
5. True or False: If I have to seek outside help or support for my child, I'm not doing enough as a parent
6. True or False: If you're in a closed adoption, it's best not to talk at all about the child's birth family with him/her
7. Which of these statements is written in the parenting guide regarding your child's emotions?
8. True or False: In a closed adoption, how you talk about your child's beginnings will affect how open they are with you when they're ready to search for their birth family
9. Which of these statements are true about parenting an adopted child?