January 26, 2017 · by
There are things you shouldn't say to ANY child ... but very specific things you should avoid saying to your adopted child. The questions in this quiz come from Tom Andriola's article:
1. Why should you not tell a child "You should be grateful" ?
2. True or False: Adoption can be traumatic
3. Why should you never tell your adopted child "You're lucky"
4. Why should you not tell your adopted child "We chose you" ?
5. According to Tom, why shouldn't you tell your adopted child, "It was meant to be" ?
6. Instead of telling your adopted child, "You were wanted" what should you tell them?
7. According to Tom, why should you not tell your adopted child "Your biological mother wanted what was best for you" ?
8. True or False: According to Tom, instead of making black and white statements to your adopted child, it's better to ask them about their experiences