January 30, 2017 · by
If you haven't adopted before, you may not know these tips for securing all the little details at finalization. The questions in this quiz are taken from Maya Brown-Zimmerman's article:
1. True or False: As soon as the adoption is finalized, the original birth certificate is not ever available for adoptees
2. Why is it important to get a copy of your child's original birth certificate by finalization?
3. True or False: Immediately after finalization you should order a new birth certificate
4. What do you need in order to get a social security card for your child?
5. True or False: Even if your newly adopted child already has a social security number, you may have to apply for a new one after finalization
6. True or False: Your child's Medicaid my be terminated after finalization
7. True or False: Schools and medical institutions will automatically change your child's name and vital information
8. What else should you update immediately after finalization?