January 30, 2017 · by
The questions in this quiz come from Elizabeth Curry's article:
1. True or False: According to Elizabeth, if you parent your children who come from a background of trauma as you do your emotionally healthy children, that will give you the best result
2. According to Elizabeth, how should you prepare your children at home before bringing in a traumatized child?
3. According to Elizabeth, how should you care for your belongings at home before bringing a traumatized child into it?
4. True or False: Disregulated children do better in uncluttered, organized environments
5. Even though flexibility is critical in any home, which of the following things can you create structure to that will help a traumatized child?
6. True or False: Everyone in the home will need respite once you bring home a traumatized child
7. True or False: You should teach your other children to bury negative feelings about the traumatized child and his/her behavior
8. Which of the following statements does Elizabeth make in this article: