Mother of four and well-known adoption blogger Kristen Howerton openly talks about the joys, the fears, and the concerns of raising adopted children of a different race.

Kristen and her husband, Mark,  have two black adopted sons and two white, very blonde, biological daughters. The children are close together in age and create a happy, loving, playful family. The concern of racial bias is real. Kristen shares the statistic that in California, only 7% of adoptive couples are open to adopting black children. For Kristen, this is proof that we have a problem with racism in America. And it raises great concerns as her boys get older. How will they be viewed while running around the neighborhood with the other young teenage kids?  Does she have to avoid buying them hoodies so they aren’t mistaken for robbers, or worse? This video shares how one vigilant set of parents is preparing their black children for physical and emotional safety.

Watch the video here.