In the city of Lima, Peru, Mary Ellen solemnly promised Jessica, her adoptive daughter’s birth mother, to reunite mother and daughter. That promise was made in 1993. Fast forward to 2013, Mary Ellen and her adoptive daughter, Natalie, boarded a plane bound for Peru, fulfilling that promise. Natalie prepared for this day by working as a tutor in order speak Spanish. Natalie desired to talk with her birth mother without a translator. The moment they meet is truly a heartwarming moment. From the video, It is easy to tell the love and gratitude that they feel for eachother.

Mary Ellen later wrote in the comment section, “I know that she is my daughter but this trip gave her an identity that was missing all of her 21 years of life.” Mary Ellen hopes that everyone can have as great as an experience as she did. Natalie now has become great friends with her birth family and hopes to visit them again soon.

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