Rod Stewart is not only known for his best selling music, but also for his indulgence in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. He was quite popular with the ladies, but may not have always been the best father to the children he had with them. It appears though, his age of 72 might be making him a bit softer, and that’s a good thing for his children.

With his current wife, Penny, he has two children. Aiden, who is 6, was conceived after three rounds of IVF treatment. He is described as being a little performer, just like his dad. Alastair is 11. He is an avid swimmer and enjoys playing football. The next oldest children are from Rod’s marriage with his ex-wife, Rachel Hunter. Liam is 22, and he plays ice hockey for Coventry Blaze. Renee, 25, earned her BA at the London Contemporary Dance School and occasionally does some modeling work. Ruby Stewart is 30. Her mother was Stewart’s long-time girlfriend Kelly Emberg. Ruby did some lingerie modeling before launching the band, The Sisterhood, which recently was signed by Sony Records. Kimberly, 37, and Sean, 36, are children from his marriage to Alana Hamilton. Kimberly grew up with socialite friends and later mothered a child by Benicio Del Toro. Sean was attending night clubs and doing drugs by age 13. He suffers from dyslexia and OCD. He dropped out of high school at 26 and spent some time in jail. He was clean by age 30.

The oldest child, Sarah Streeter, was born when Rod was 17 years old. She was placed for adoption, but found him when she was 18. Stewart felt guilt for many years. They reconciled shortly, but then fell back apart until about six years ago when her adoptive parents died. It was slow going, but now seems to be water under the bridge.


Most of the older children remember Rod Stewart as being an intermittent father. In recent years though, the children have been spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. They have described him as a kinder, gentler dad, who has more time for them. Rod and Penny renewed their wedding vows for their tenth anniversary. Six of the eight children attended. Many credit Penny with the family’s recent unity. She says they are one big happy blended family. Whatever the reason, the kids are getting the best side of him.

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