We all have a desire to reach our potential and then some. Attitude, support, and resolution are factors that influence the outcome. The pressure on children today to perform above and beyond is often overwhelming. But Alex Kuch used his motivation and determination to excel and achieve his goals.

Alex was born in Romania and adopted at two years old. When his family adopted him, the orphanage told them that Alex would never finish school or have a productive life because of the lack of his nurturing.

Well, he proved them wrong. Alex just graduated from the University of Auckland with a degree in Politics and International Relations and a minor in Sociology. However, it was not an easy path for Alex to reach that success.

Growing up, the Romanian adoptee received wonderful support from his parents. Alex stated, “While never pushing me, they always encouraged me to give my best in everything I did.” Alex also received speech therapy and other services to work on his writing and fine motor skills.

While at Auckland, Alex focused his research on adoption and adoptive families. Alex stated, “the stories have helped us to pull together the common themes of what adopted children go through. It’s valuable knowledge for agencies and families, for example knowing when to intervene or what to expect, and to provide better support.” Alex was invited and will be presenting his research at the upcoming International Conference on Adoption Research in Canada.

Alex was surprised when he was on a talk show advocating adoption when his birth mother and birth siblings joined him on stage. It was the first time that he had met them. This strengthened and enforced his want to advocate for the reopening of adoption in Romania. Alex’s other passion is to open an agency or consultant firm that would tie all of the sectors that work with children together.

Attitude, determination, support and, love all make a difference in a child’s life. The support Alex received added to his will and desire and fostered his success.