Chris and Melissa Savage are hopeful adoptive parents. They’re also the masterminds behind a viral music video they hope will reach expectant parents who are looking for a family.

“We wanted to give potential birth mothers a glimpse of who we are,” said Melissa.

A lot of work went into the “Savage Family Adoption Rap,” which received thousands of views in a matter of a few days.

“One night, we sat down at the dining room table and wrote out the first verse and lyrics,” said Melissa. “We played the music in the background and tried to rap out our lyrics. It wasn’t pretty.”

That’s when they enlisted the help of Melissa’s former student, Lil’ G (Gerrad O’Brien).

“Gerrad came over to our house. He read our lyrics, made some minor changes and then wrote our second verse,” said Melissa.

The couple contacted a friend and wedding videographer Dave Neeley who put together the music video.

“The adoption process is hard,” said Melissa. “It’s pushed me way out of my comfort zone. But I have learned something over the past few months. I am not doing this for me. I am doing this for that child out there that will someday be a part of our family. I want that child to be able to see our labor of love, to be able to understand the lengths we went through to find them.”