Money can’t change the past –- the traumatic past of a child who entered foster care at the age of five. The sexual abuse began immediately and continued for years as she was in and out of Lester Drappeaux’s home.

Threatened by the abuser that she and the other foster children in his care would be killed if she ever told anyone about the sexual abuse, the girl never spoke up. She felt a responsibility to protect the other children.

Although Lester Drappeaux’s home was properly licensed, the truth never came to light:  Lester Drappeaux had engaged in sexual abuse before. He was a convicted sex offender. Of course, the licensing process has become more strict and more accurate since that time, but that doesn’t undo the harm Lester caused his foster children.

Now dead, Drappeaux will not be paying for his actions. But the state of Washington will. The victim’s lawyer, Jason Amala, stated that the settlement allows the state to avoid a jury trial.

The full story may be read at The Columbian.