Sheryl Crow is an adoptive Momma. Adopting her children has turned her into a new person – one who joys in motherhood and spending time at home. “Adopting my boys–that’s just been the biggest everlasting event that has informed everything,” she said to People Magazine.

The biggest change for Sheryl, upon becoming a mother, was her desire to be at home. “I didn’t want to spend any more nights away from home. When you have kids your priorities definitely change. I really felt consistency is the most important thing.” Sheryl adopted Wyatt in 2007 and Levi in 2010. Now ages nine and six, the two are typical boys. They have the 30-minute rule in their house which would be considered strict by some: 30-minutes only of screen time each day. That means TV or iPad… that’s it! Because enjoying the innocence of childhood is dependent upon being immersed in childhood, and that’s what Sheryl wants for her boys.

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