She dreams of clouds, unicorns, and having a family to call her own. Meet WFAA ABC 8’s child of the week, Zaaria. WFAA features a new child each Wednesday who is awaiting adoption in hopes that his or her forever family will be found through the WFAA viewership.

A typical 10-year-old, Zaaria loves to make slimer and swim, pretending she’s a mermaid. WFAA had the pleasure of accompanying Zaaria on her three-hour hair braiding appointment. She was incredibly patient, though she did admit that the braiding process is a bit painful!

It was at the salon that Zaaria spoke about what she would like for her future family. She was quick to answer, making it apparent she has dreamed of her future family often. She hopes to be adopted by a black couple. She dreams of having a mom and dad. To describe herself, Zaaria emphatically states, “I am a sweet girl. Very smart. And that’s it.”

Zaaria currently resides in Texas and is described as soulful and observant. She was patient during her hair appointment and quick to politely thank all those involved. Admiring her new locks, Zaaria explained, “I want y’all to know that I thank y’all for braiding my hair.” Zaaria has a bright smile and is sure to light up any room. For more information about Zaaria, please contact or call La Queena Warren at 817-792-4954 or 817-304-1272.

If you would like to find out more about the adoption process in Texas, you can visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange website. Here, you can read all about the adoption process in Texas and what you can expect if you choose to pursue adoption. You can also view profiles of waiting children to see if there is a child who you might be able to provide a forever home.

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