It was Christmas Day when a little girl was born prematurely to a woman on a trolley bus headed into Novosibirsk, as reported by the Siberian Times. Hearing moaning in the back of the bus, Olga Naftayeva, a trolley bus driver, recognized the sound as a woman in labor. She walked to the back of the bus and saw that no one surrounding the mother-to-be was offering any help. Although Olga had never before delivered another woman’s baby, she cleared the area, pushed the chair to recline, and helped her get into a proper position.

By the time a couple of helpful passengers had cut the woman’s clothes, the baby’s head and shoulders were already being delivered. Olga completed the rest of the delivery and when the baby was not breathing another passenger cleared the baby’s nose and mouth. Together they rubbed the baby to get her breathing. Using her own outerwear, Olga wrapped the baby to keep her warm until an ambulance arrived.

The mother immediately named her after Olga, then, to everyone’s dismay, announced she would not be keeping the child. All who have been following the story are thrilled to know little Olga is now with her forever parents. As soon as she was placed with her adoptive parents it was announced that they would keep her name, Olga, to remember her miraculous delivery.

The full story is posted at Siberian Times.