Marilyn Levasseur passed away at age 24 after battling alcoholism.  She had given birth to four children, all of whom were placed for adoption. Matthew Handford knew he was adopted and had the support of his mother in searching for his birth family. In his mid-twenties, Matthew reached out to Facebook, posting the information he had and asking for help in locating them.  He had no idea that his sister was doing the same. “I’m looking for my biological brother. His birth name is Matthew and he is Metis,” her request began. Holding the sign asking for Facebook users to *PLEASE SHARE*. They did. Through both of their efforts on social media, Matthew and Shylow connected. Shylow helped Matthew connect with their brother, Brandon, and they are now working on connecting with the last sibling.

The full story of these grateful adoptees, having searched and come together, can be read here.