The simple action of an American working in a Chinese orphanage has given one of those children a forever family. But it’s more than that. Now named Avery, this almost-14-year-old was just two days away from aging out of the possibility of adoption when her new father, sister, and brother came to pick her up.

It all started when adoptive mom Lisa Lumpkins got on the internet from her Kentucky home to see a Facebook post showing Avery. It turns out that the American worker knew Avery would age out and posted her photo on Facebook, pleading with someone—anyone—to adopt the young girl.

When Lisa saw the photo she was surprised at the resemblance to her daughter Aubrey. DNA tests confirmed Lisa’s suspicion: Aubrey and Avery are biological sisters. Working feverishly to beat the deadline and to raise funds for the adoption, Lisa and her family were successful in bringing Avery home. Now the family includes one more child, but their joy is increased a hundred-fold!