Under negative scrutiny by the media lately because of hacked and shared emails, Amy Pascal, Sony executive, may lose her job. Her most recent email faux pas referenced transracial adoption. In response to an email received from another Sony executive, Pacal stated, “…like everyone with half a brain these days television is the thing they want to do … [you’re] not used to TV being the new black baby.” The implication, Mail Online and other media says, is that television and movie stars’ adoption of black children is a trend, a “fashion accessory.” This is particularly offensive to the adoption community.

NY Daily News reports that the leaked emails have raised eyebrows for more than one reason. They show Pascal, a beloved colleague with a very positive public image, in a negative light. Because of this, NY Daily News’ source says she may lose her job to “set an example” before the company image is hurt. In the source’s words: “Since it’s a surprise for Amy’s image, it had a larger impact, and they are deciding if keeping her will make things worse for the company’s image.” Under Pascal’s direction since 2000, Sony Pictures has had more #1 box office hits than any other studio. Their television shows have been equally successful. Just this year Sony Pictures received 26 nominations and won seven awards at the Golden Globe Awards. Besides the success Pascal has guided Sony to, she is well liked among her colleagues.

Radar Online’s source states that the casual and ill-thought-out wording of Pacal’s email was nothing more than a mistake. Her comments were viewed as being directed at specific adoptive parent celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron. But she had no intention of being racist or anti-adoption, according to the source.

Time will tell how this situation will play out.