Who is A’Layah Robinson? I’m glad you asked! She’s a darling 6-year-old with a passion to bless the lives of foster children. And she comes by that passion honestly. A’Layah, herself, was once a foster child.

Now adopted by Misty, a single mother of three adopted children, all previously in foster care, A’Layah knows first-hand what foster children need and want. Having been evicted from their home before being placed in foster care, A’Layah knows what it’s like to be cold, sleeping on a porch. She doesn’t want any foster child to ever be cold again. She knows what it’s like to brush her teeth with a dirty rag, to go without toys and more.

So with Misty’s help, A’Layah is making, filling and donating “Lemonade For Love” bags. She, herself, has filled 50 at a time—anxious that every foster child in Oklahoma will have a bag filled with love.

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