"Growing up in a large farming family with 6 siblings ,my sister Angie has always carried a great deal of responsibility inside and outside of the home. From Valedictorian of her high school class to college homecoming queen, Angie has been a role model to me and my siblings from the beginning. Her influence didn’t stop there, Angie and Ron married shortly after graduating college and they are a testament to what a faith filled marriage should be. Angie is an Occupational Therapist and Ron is a Math Teacher . They both have flexible schedules that allow them to spend a lot of time in the home to raise and nurture a family. Angie and Ron have a beautiful daughter named Alivia who was born prematurely. Alivia is 13 now and absolutely perfect even though she had a rough beginning and spent many months in the NICU. Looking back at this moment in time , to me, this was really the beginning of their adoption story. Angie and Ron didn’t just say one day, "I think we should adopt". They have been very prayerful , making sure that they are adopting with big open hearts. Angie ,Ron and Alivia are the most loving, kind, humble and traditional family. Please take some time to reach out to Angie and Ron if you feel guided to do so. They are a beautiful family and they would love to share their hearts and home with a baby."

"Ron and Angie are amazing people. They have been very kind to our daughters and I would completely trust them to help with the girls. Ron and Angie have big hearts and want to bring joy, love and grow their family. Family is a lifelong journey and they would love to share their lives! I highly recommend!"

"No amount of words nor the testimony of a complete stranger can help make the decision of placing your child for adoption an easy one. Those looking for a child experience a roller coaster of emotions as well and desire the best for everyone. As a momma and grandma, I understand the sacrifice you are making and my heart goes out to you. As an early childhood professional and the wife of a man who was adopted, I personally appreciate the value of adoption. I have known Ron and Ang for over 20 years (my husband was actually Ron’s junior high basketball coach) and I have no doubt they are the ideal couple to bring another child into their family to love and nurture into a wonderful person. Ang, Ron and their daughter Alivia are emotionally, spiritually and financially secure with a supportive family/friend network. I whole-heartedly believe placing your child with this family will be the best choice you can make for your little one. "

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