• 4 Have a strong and loving relationship

"I cannot imagine any better parents than Ashley and Josh. They are the most loving, loyal, and genuine people that I have the privilege to call my friends. The love they have to give to a child is unmeasurable. I cannot wait to witness the growth of this wonderful family. "

"Ashley will be an absolutely amazing mother. In many ways she has taken on a motherly role with my children already. For over 12 years she has cared for my twin boys on many occasions, one of which has severe special needs. She is loving and caring and makes sure all of his needs are met. She is ready for any situation that life throws at her in terms of adopting a child."

"What an amazing relationship and marriage Ashley and Josh have, and I am so happy to support them as they seek to adopt a child into their loving home. I have known Ashley for over 15 years and Josh for over 10 and am happy to say that they are both incredible people apart, but even better together. Their relationship is based on love, faith, understanding, and loyalty which will provide such an incredible foundation for a child to be brought into. They are so dedicated to each other and will pour that same devotion into a child. Although they have faced hardships and loss, they always come back stronger and with more faith than ever. This has also given them such an appreciate for life and what matters most, family. Their child will grow up loved, provided for, supported, safe, and given every opportunity available. They also know how to have fun and will make sure their child grows up laughing and enjoying life. They will be such wonderful parents! Ashley and Josh are so loved and supported by their many friends and family members and I could not recommend them enough! "

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