"I am thrilled to write a recommendation for adoption for this beautiful family! You may think my feelings are biased since Ashley is my daughter, but let me tell you about her and her amazing family. Ashley has a heart of gold. She is strong, independent, loyal, yet also compassionate and quick to help those in need. Ryan has those same qualities. He also works hard to provide for their family, but is great at maintaining a balance between work and family. They are a great team and have built their marriage on a strong foundation. It has been a joy to watch them grow together. I look forward to seeing all God has for their future. Ashley and Ryan are also amazing parents and are committed to family. They listen to their children. They are patient and help the kids through every situation. They teach the kids how to do all kinds of everyday stuff instead of just doing it themselves. They are raising well-rounded, well-adjusted, thoughtful children who know they are loved no matter what. As for the kids, Marjorie and Mitchell, they are an absolute delight! It makes my heart warm just to think about them. They are well-behaved and respectful, yet funny and full of life. It is never a dull moment when they are around. I can never get enough of them. This sweet family has a desire to grow their family through adoption and have been patiently waiting. Any baby/child would be blessed to join Ashley, Ryan, Marjorie and Mitchell and be a part of their family. The sweet baby is already loved. We cannot wait to meet him/her!"

"Ashley and Ryan are two of the most loving and supportive friends I have. Family is their priority and I feel very fortunate to be treated as such. Their home is filled with love, laughter and respect for each other. I have enjoyed watching their children become the sweetest, most well-mannered little people I know, and I am excited to watch their family grow."

"Ashley and Ryan are the parents that every person should aspire to be. They are both intelligent, independent individuals that have already raised two brilliant, well-rounded children, and being around the family that they have built brings joy and inspiration to every person that meets them. I look forward to meeting my future niece or nephew when they join Ashley and Ryan's home, and I know that child will be blessed beyond belief under their care."

"Ashley and Ryan make family their 1st priority. Quality time with their family is their favorite thing. They are fun, loving, and supportive parents. "

"To Whom It May Concern: My name is Kate Jennings, and I have had the pleasure of knowing Ashley and Ryan since 2011. My husband, Andy, and I met Ashley and Ryan when they joined our local kickball team, and we had an instant connection. We were immediately drawn to their hard-working but fun-loving personalities, and we have been friends ever since. In fact, I have known Ashley’s extended family since 2005, and they are some of the most nurturing, caring, and kind-hearted people with whom I am acquainted. To say she “comes from good stock,” is an understatement. Any child joining their family will be surrounded with copious amounts of love from grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. A child will not just be joining this nuclear family, but a whole crew of caring souls. It is with glowing pride that I support Ashley and Ryan’s decision to adopt a child into their home and write this letter of support. I have watched Ashley and Ryan go from a young dating couple, fresh out of graduate school, to married and raising two amazing tiny humans. Through hard times and good, Ashley and Ryan have relied on the Lord, their family, and each other to triumph. I have watched them teach their children, Marjorie and Mitchell, the same love, inclusion, and kindness that drew us to this couple in the first place. Any time I see Marjorie and Mitchell playing with each other or other children, I see them sharing, using kind manners, and treating others with the same warm hearts that their parents have. They are teaching their children to be strong, independent, and compassionate friends to all who come across their playgrounds. I have also seen the way Ashley and Ryan treat other children, including my own 16 month old, June. Ashley and Ryan have an innate sense of parenting that shines through their warm smiles, and they treat everyone’s children as if they were their own. Children are naturally drawn to them, sensing their compassion. I implicitly trust Ashley and Ryan with my own child’s life, and I know our other friends feel the same. In particular, let me tell you how dedicated of a human being Ashley is. When her friends have struggled with pregnancy, I have seen her hop on a plane and fly across the country to dry their tears and hold their hands. When a local fundraiser needed a chairperson, she took the lead and led the group to raise $144,000. She dedicates herself to everything from charities to bible study and from gymnastics practices to swim class, but above all else, she is a dedicated momma. When she knew that being a full-time mom was her calling, she stepped up to the plate to take on the hardest job there is. I look up to her as a momma role model, and I find myself often seeking her advice and opinion. Ashley is, hands down, one of the most hard-working, passionate mothers I know. Of course, let us not forget Ryan’s role in all of the above. Without hesitation, he supports Ashley in everything she does- they are a team, and they are raising their family to be a team, too. I keep saying to others, “Ashley and Ryan have more room on their couch and more room in their hearts,” but knowing this family, if their couch was suddenly too small, they would simply build a bigger one. That is just the kind of people they are. No hug is too tight, no task is too insurmountable. They love fiercely, teach responsibly, and welcome inclusively. Any child, including my own if it was ever needed, would be blessed to join their family. "

"Ryan and Ashley set the standard for kind and loving parents. They have great character and integrity which you can see being passed on to Marjorie and Mitchell. They are patient and structured in their parenting. I have full confidence in their capacity to welcome a new child(ren) into their home that they will love as their own. I'm excited to support a recommendation for them in this adoption journey and as the Uncle (& my wife the Aunt), we can commit to supporting Ryan and Ashley's growing family."

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