Summer vacation at the Beach

Jun 16, 2021

Life is so sweet at the beach! We fell in love with 30A in Florida this summer. We have found our family beach destination. The water is clear, and shallow allowing for all ages to enjoy the water together. Of course, Lillian made a friend at the beach and they played together. That girl can make a friend anywhere she goes! We can see our family spending many more summers together here. We rented a cute beach house not far from the beach. It had 3 bedrooms and an awesome kitchen. We enjoyed morning coffee on the porch each day. We took in as much of the beach life as we could in a week. The sunsets were beautiful too! It was a quiet beach with lots of young families all around us, it was definitely family friendly. With the clear ocean water and the white sand that feels so good under your toes, I can see why it's a popular family beach vacay. We look forward to making more family memories here for years to come. We're hopeful that next time, we will need to use that 3rd bedroom.

~Ashley & Todd

Things that bring us joy!

May 11, 2021

-Being Outdoors

-Spending time with family

-Playing cards and board games

-Traveling to new places

-Hiking, dancing, baking

-Cooking, eating, reading

Fun Facts About Lillian

Apr 03, 2021

-She is tall too and is a fifth grader.
-She is kind, sweet and loves to be around kids.
-She has always asked us about having a sister or brother. And keeps asking us! She's been helping us get prepared.
-She loves Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
-She also loves April Fools Day!
-She plays volleyball and softball right now.
-She’s a daughter, granddaughter, niece, and best friend.
-She is SO funny and makes us laugh!
-She looks out for others around her, and is always thinking of others first.
-She is a good student and teachers love her.
-She is on Student Council and loves it.
-She is a really good dancer too!
-She has 13 Aunts and Uncles who adore her and are excited to meet their newest niece or nephew.
-She LOVES to play with her little cousins and they LOVE it too. They call her, Cousin Lily..
-She says she wants to be a Lawyer and Mom when she grows up.

**Pictured here with her cousin in March. She loves pictures with her little cousins.

Fun Facts About Todd

Apr 01, 2021

-He's tall and has brown hair and blue eyes.
-He's caring, smart and so funny!
-He is the first to wake in the morning and makes coffee.
-He graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. He's currently working in IT.
-He's a husband, dad, nephew, brother, uncle, best friend.
-He's a really good ping pong player. We like to play, but he usually wins. ;)
-He's an assistant coach for Lillian's softball team and enjoys encouraging the team.
-He loves to play with Lillian and is the first to throw a football or volleyball with her or even play catch. She loves it!
-He volunteers at her school through Watch Dog Dad program, helping students and playing board games with them. -He enjoys being active. He played soccer in High School. He likes to run, ride his bike, play tennis or play basketball (we have a mini court in our backyard).
-He is a baker and makes amazing bread, bagels and pretzels.
-He is a hands on dad already and is excited about adding another child to our family.
-He likes to plan vacations and enjoys traveling with his family.

Fun facts about Ashley

Mar 31, 2021

-She's tall, and has dark blonde hair and brown eyes
-She is fun, loving and has a big heart.
-She has been known to be called a "mama bear." In a good way, of course.
-She has her Bachelors of Science in Marketing Management. She spent about 15 years in Marketing, with the last 10 years in International Marketing.
-She's a wife, mom, granddaughter, niece, sister, cousin, aunt, best friend.
-She volunteers at Meals on Wheels. She's a stay at home mom, but has recently started substitute teaching while we wait to Adopt.
-She loves to dance and sing karoake. She loves to travel with her family.
-She enjoys cooking family meals. And baking cookies!
-She loves to plan family scavenger hunts and birthday parties. She's a planner and organizer at heart.
-She loves to be active by playing tennis with her family. She played tennis in High School, but now just for fun. She also likes to ride bikes.
-She talks to everyone and no one is a stranger.
-She loves being a mom and is excited to add a child into our family..

Our Why

Mar 31, 2021

We feel someone needs to hear this today, maybe it's you. We can't even imagine how you are feeling today, but maybe it will help to know that we are here. We already know that you are a strong woman who loves her child with all her heart and more. We know you are still making a hard decision on what to do next, but thank you for reading our profile.

We always go back to our, “why.” Our hearts are fully invested in this adoption process. Years ago we knew we were called to Adopt our next child. Infertility and doctor appointments may have led us down this path initially. But both of us have been onboard with Adopting all along. It was a feeling so strong, that it was almost as if God was whispering in our ears every day until we found the right Adoption Agency with Gladney. It was important for us to find one that took care of the birth mothers and their babies.

Our “why” is because we can’t have more children of our own. Sure, in a perfect world, we’d like our children to be close in age. But that isn’t always how life works out and honestly, it doesn’t even cause a concern for us. We are young and energetic and love being together. Our hearts are so devoted to growing our family through Adoption. Ashley comes from a large family in which her siblings are much younger, and she has great memories of her childhood with them. It was as if her parents were able to give undivided attention to each child at certain points in their life…and we feel the same way. We can also give that undivided attention when it’s so needed and also make memories together as a family. Our daughter has always talked about life with a sibling, so we know she will be THE best big sister. She will love her sibling with open arms. She recently told her aunt out of the blue, "Please tell my cousins I love them so much and can't wait to see them again." Oh and they love cousin Lily too!

Our “why” is the reason we have hope that we will soon meet you, our future child’s birth mother. We truly hope we connect with you soon.

Ashley + Todd

Our favorite family quote

Mar 31, 2021

This quote is special to our family. We hope you read this and it resonates with you too. We are thinking of you today.

If you decide to place your child for adoption, we promise to love your child with all of our hearts. We will honor you in our home and they will know how much love you have for them. Love makes a family. We've learned so far in parenthood, that there are so many small moments and big moments and everything in-between. We will be there every step of the way holding their hand. We are here and waiting with open arms and hearts.

All the best,
Ashley + Todd

Substitute teacher...This time for Lillian's class

Mar 29, 2021

The day finally came! Or at least that is what Lillian would say. Her teacher needed a Substitute teacher and she reached out to see if I was available. (I started substitute teaching in our district in January.) I asked Lillian if she would be okay with it...and she was beyond excited. So I guess I'm still cool! After two days of teaching in her class, we made some good memories. She helped me before the day started and helped organize the classroom afterwards. I'm happy to report that she said I did a good job!

When I signed up to be a substitute teacher, I didn't think I'd actually be in her class. But I was happy to help her teacher out by covering her class while she spent time with family. To me, that is the be there for the students and help out teachers. They do so much for our kids. While we are waiting to Adopt, I thought, how I can help contribute to our community--this has been a good experience for me.

We celebrated with a Sonic drink after the school day. I'm sure we will remember these 2 days for years to come and we definitely had some good laughs too.

Ashley + Todd

Spring Break 2021

Mar 29, 2021

Spring Break came and went bye so fast! It was a time we were looking forward to and it flew bye. We took a short drive to Arkansas to Devil's Den State Park for our mini spring break getaway. We stayed in a cabin and spent the time hiking in nature. This was a vacation spot that Todd would go to with his family every summer. He shared with us some of the family memories they made and places they visited within the state park. Todd's family no longer lives in Arkansas, but while we were there we were able to see Ashley's family. Her family still lives close by. They joined us for a Sunday afternoon hike and picnic. We got to collect rocks, skip rocks and wash the rocks in the creek. (Well the kids did that! lol) So fun watching the kids enjoy all of nature. We ended that night with cooking hot dogs on the grill and then enjoying s'mores--which is a family favorite.

I'm sure we will be back to visit our favorite little cabin in the woods. Always fun making memories together with a change in scenery. Especially when you get to see family!

Ashley + Todd

Cousin love

Mar 29, 2021

There is SO much love in this picture! Lillian LOVES her little cousins and they LOVE her right back. It's always fun when we get together with them. Our children will be surrounded by LOVE. Our family and friends have been waiting along side us during this adoption journey. They are just as excited to welcome a baby as we are! We have a big family with plenty of room to welcome another baby! In this picture, you'll find Todd, Lillian, cousins and Ashley's brother in law, Justin.

Ashley + Todd

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