Substitute teacher...This time for Lillian's class

Mar 29, 2021

The day finally came! Or at least that is what Lillian would say. Her teacher needed a Substitute teacher and she reached out to see if I was available. (I started substitute teaching in our district in January.) I asked Lillian if she would be okay with it...and she was beyond excited. So I guess I'm still cool! After two days of teaching in her class, we made some good memories. She helped me before the day started and helped organize the classroom afterwards. I'm happy to report that she said I did a good job!

When I signed up to be a substitute teacher, I didn't think I'd actually be in her class. But I was happy to help her teacher out by covering her class while she spent time with family. To me, that is the be there for the students and help out teachers. They do so much for our kids. While we are waiting to Adopt, I thought, how I can help contribute to our community--this has been a good experience for me.

We celebrated with a Sonic drink after the school day. I'm sure we will remember these 2 days for years to come and we definitely had some good laughs too.

Ashley + Todd

Spring Break 2021

Mar 29, 2021

Spring Break came and went bye so fast! It was a time we were looking forward to and it flew bye. We took a short drive to Arkansas to Devil's Den State Park for our mini spring break getaway. We stayed in a cabin and spent the time hiking in nature. This was a vacation spot that Todd would go to with his family every summer. He shared with us some of the family memories they made and places they visited within the state park. Todd's family no longer lives in Arkansas, but while we were there we were able to see Ashley's family. Her family still lives close by. They joined us for a Sunday afternoon hike and picnic. We got to collect rocks, skip rocks and wash the rocks in the creek. (Well the kids did that! lol) So fun watching the kids enjoy all of nature. We ended that night with cooking hot dogs on the grill and then enjoying s'mores--which is a family favorite.

I'm sure we will be back to visit our favorite little cabin in the woods. Always fun making memories together with a change in scenery. Especially when you get to see family!

Ashley + Todd

Cousin love

Mar 29, 2021

There is SO much love in this picture! Lillian LOVES her little cousins and they LOVE her right back. It's always fun when we get together with them. Our children will be surrounded by LOVE. Our family and friends have been waiting along side us during this adoption journey. They are just as excited to welcome a baby as we are! We have a big family with plenty of room to welcome another baby! In this picture, you'll find Todd, Lillian, cousins and Ashley's brother in law, Justin.

Ashley + Todd

A little note for you...

Mar 29, 2021

We just wanted to take a few minutes to say, Thank You. Thank You for having so much love for your child. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us as you make the most important decision for your child. First of all, you are an amazing, strong, and brave person to show up here and read through family profiles. We realize you may still be deciding what is best for your child. We can't imagine how difficult this is for you. But please know that as you make your decision we are thinking of you daily. We would love to have a conversation with you, but we realize that isn't possible, but hope that our family profile is the next best thing. Praying for peace and comfort for you.

Hugs, Ashley + Todd

Love makes a family

Mar 29, 2021

In our home and in our hearts, we truly believe that love makes a family. We love you for considering adoption. We love you for taking the time to get to know us a bit more. We have lots of love in our hearts for you.



Ashley & Todd

There are smiles under those masks ;)

Mar 29, 2021

Our weekend highlight was cheering for Lillian on the sidelines of her volleyball game this weekend. It looked much different as we were masked up and everyone around us was too. All of the safety precautions were in place. This was her very first volleyball game and she made us so proud. She has been putting in some hard work to improve her skills and it shows. It was so much fun cheering for her and her teammates.

We love being parents, watching your child enjoy a hobby or sport is pretty rewarding. We make education a priority in our house, but we also think you should have fun too. We work hard, play hard. So, if it's a hobby or sport or drawing or reading a book or an instrument or singing that brings them joy, we will support our child every step of the way. This is a promise we will make for all of our help them find that joy.

For example, Lillian played t-ball when she was younger and then she took dance lessons, was in the Girl Scouts for a bit and then she played soccer...I could keep going, but I hope you get the point. We have encouraged her every step of the way.  I hope you know how much love and time we have for another child. We are so excited and as we continue on this adoption journey together, our love for each other is stronger than ever. 

Take care,
Ashley + Todd

I am an Aquarius!

Mar 29, 2021

We celebrated Ashley’s Birthday this past weekend. Birthday's are important in our home. We had so much fun! Todd took a vacation day and while Lillian was at school, we had a day date. The weather was beautiful, so we went to a restaurant that has an amazing outdoor patio. The sun was shining and it was warm-ish for a February birthday. Todd and Lillian got a fun gift and it’s a puzzle with our picture on it. So we have to put it together to see the final picture. It was one of many gifts, but it was the best! We also watched a family movie together and ordered pizza in. It was a weekend celebration! Loved hearing from my family, my friends near and far over the weekend. On Sunday we cheered on our favorite team- the Chiefs and our favorite quarterback, Mahomes. It would have been great to see them WIN! Maybe next year right!?!

I often think about what was my favorite birthday? It's so hard because they all just jumble together. But, after 2020, I would say that with everyone healthy in our house and the weather was nice to get was a great February birthday. I love spending time with my family!

For fun, I just read the personality traits of an Aquarius...most seem fitting to me. Strengths-- Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Aquarius likes--Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversations

Best, Ashley (and Todd)

Substitute teacher, yes that's me!

Mar 29, 2021

I started substitute teaching in mid-January. My background is in International Marketing but before that, I had always contemplated teaching. So, fast forward and now I’m able to help out where I’m needed in our school district. It's great being able to help our teachers, especially this year. I love seeing children of all ages and all backgrounds, enjoying the school life. So far, I’ve been to several elementary schools. I've had lunch duty, recess duty and after school car line duty. Totally different than how I used to spend my work days! lol.

I love the chance to teach when I can and encourage the kids at the same time. We live in a diverse school district, and I had a chance to add to a virtual classroom's online library. I worked on adding diversity and inclusion books so the children were exposed to all cultures and backgrounds. It's these little opportunities that help everyone in the long run, I'm just happy it was a project that I was able to participate in. I’m so proud of our school district for being able to have two options for our children- virtual or face-to-face. It’s amazing how they have been able to open schools and keep our children and teachers safe during this Pandemic. I haven’t had an assignment at Lillian’s school just yet, but she’s excited for that to happen.

I’ve taken on several assignments …I’ve been a virtual teacher a few times now, first grade teacher and also an Assistant PE coach. That last one was great because it was so different and also very active. I kept telling the coach I was just amazed at his ability to do this 5 days a week! That school day, I clocked 6 miles which was over 12,000 steps! I always admired our teachers but being a substitute teacher has really opened my eyes even more. It’s been really good for me. I’ll be at a middle school later this week as a Choral teacher…wish me luck! And with this being a flexible job, I can still volunteer a few times a month as a driver for Meals on Wheels. That is also very important to me....but once we Adopt, I will be spending my time with him/her at home and spending my time with Lillian. With the Pandemic, both of these opportunities have needed help and I'm happy that I can help.

I hope that this post makes you smile. We can all remember a few substitute teachers we had.

All the best,
Ashley (and Todd)

A Look back at the February winter storm

Mar 01, 2021 was a few weeks ago now that we were in the middle of rolling power outages here in North Texas. It was so cold outside, but we had a fire going as much as we could. It was bearable because we were able to power our devices, warm up, and cook food when the power would come back on. And then as soon as the power went off, we read books, worked on a puzzle, or even watched downloaded videos to pass the time. We quickly realized that by night time, when the dark settled in, you just want to get ready for bed. We cuddled up on the couch to stay warm and under candlelight + flashlight, we watched the fire while we chatted as a family about all kinds of things but especially how thankful we are to have electricity. Now don't get my wrong, the first thing Lillian said afterwards was the she misses Wifi. So there are things kids are just used to having that when we were kids we didn't have. We just had to laugh when she told her grandparents that part of the lessons she had learned. lol. But we did get some great snow! It almost never happens in Texas, and I'll keep saying that I guess. It was bitter cold, but before the power outages happened we were able to take in sledding and playing in the snow. And Todd loved to shovel our driveway so that he and Lillian could build an epic slide in our front yard. Over the course of a few days, they worked on it together and it kept her entertained too. We took lots of videos and pictures of all of us enjoying that slide! And we had snow for 4 days but once it all started melting, that slide was the last to melt.

Snow day in Texas!

Jan 11, 2021

It snowed in Texas! This almost never ever happens here! It had been on the forecast for a few days, but last minute, it had been updated to be just a cold rainy day. BUT....when we looked out the window, we were so thrilled when it was snow flurries coming down! We got bundled up like it was a blizzard and took lots of pictures and videos to capture it all. There is something about snow that makes you turn into a kid again! Even our dog Nessie got in on the fun and it was great watching her witness snow for the first time. She kept trying to eat it as it fell to the ground. ha!

It didn't stick to the ground, but we didn't care, because it was snowing! It had been a few years since we had traveled to Utah to go skiing over spring break. That was the last major snow we had seen. As we have realized, after living in Texas for almost 6 years now, it rarely snows here. Noticed I didn't say, "never" because apparently it can! Just believe it. :) And yes, we know you can hardly see the snow flurries in our pictures, but they are there. lol!

Hopefully you got to see some snow this weekend or will some time soon.


Ashley + Todd

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