Happy New Year!

Jan 06, 2021

Happy 2021! Yeah! We hope you had the merriest holiday season and the happiest of New Year celebrations. This year looked much different...it was the three of us celebrating the holidays together. The first time since Lillian was born. We decided to be safe and not have family gatherings indoors this year. But for our family close by, we did visit them for a quick hello on their front porch or driveway and give our air hugs and drop off a few treats. This holiday season brought us time together playing board games, watching Classic Christmas movies, hanging out on our couch with the fire roaring in the fireplace and the twinkle of lights all around us. It was pure magic just a little different than we were used to. It was hard taking down our Christmas tree, it seemed like that time of year flew bye!

Our hopes for the New Year may seem simple because they are. ;) To be healthy & happy. To continue to grow closer as a family and appreciate our time together.

And we truly hope that this is our year to add another child to our family of 3. We will continue to pray, specifically, that this year we make a connection with a birth mother and bring our baby son or baby daughter home.

Sending you all kinds of positive vibes to the start of your New Year.


Todd & Ashley 

Feeling Festive: Our hot chocolate bar

Dec 17, 2020

Every year we deck the halls around our home! You could even say every corner has a little holiday sparkle! We enjoy the magic that lights bring around the home during the holidays. One of Lillian's favorite family traditions is our hot chocolate bar. ;)  You'll find us enjoying a cup several times during the week with whipped cream on top. We even add some festive flair with crushed peppermints sprinkled on top! It's so yummy! With Christmas music on in the background or our favorite holiday movie, you'll find us sipping hot cocoa as we enjoy family time together.

Sometimes it's the little things that can create special memories. 


Merry Christmas from our family to yours,

Todd and Ashley



Dec 09, 2020

In this month of December, we hope that you find some JOY in the little things in life. As we look around us, this December is different for a lot of people this year for a lot of different reasons. But one thing we realize on a daily basis, is that there is JOY all around us. Some days you have to search harder for it and some days it's right there in front of you. As I stopped to take a picture of this JOY sign that we hang on our tree, I noticed that one of Lillian's homemade ornaments was hanging right next to it. She made this in Kindergarten, and it says, Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas, Love Lillian.  Of course, the spelling is that of a Kindergartener who was just learning how to write and spell. And we love every bit of it. 

We are thinking of you this holiday season....



Todd & Ashley

Family volunteer day

Dec 07, 2020

We had an opportunity on Saturday to deliver shelf stable meals to the Seniors for Meals on Wheels making sure they had extra food in their pantry.  We took this as an opportunity to spend time together and give back to our community. We dressed in festive accessories, we wore our masks while we delivered and listened to Christmas music in the car. It was the highlight of our weekend.

Memories in the making....


All the best,

Ashley & Todd

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Dec 04, 2020

In our house, it is Elf!  I realize this isn't at the top of everyone's Christmas movie watch list. But we discovered this movie again when our daughter Lillian was about 5 years old. All of a sudden, we saw the humor in the movie as she was laughing out loud so hard that at times we didn't know if she was going to make it through the entire movie. We were laughing hard watching her enjoy the movie that we had tears in our eyes. So, it has become a family tradition to watch this movie...and I see this as the years to come. Sometimes it takes seeing something through a child's eyes for you to realize we are all just kids at heart. I'm looking forward to watching lots of movies this December with our family.

I hope you watch a movie this holiday season that makes you feel like a kid again or at the very least warms your heart. 


Thinking of you today, 

Ashley and Todd

Family time....hiking, board games, traveling, tv shows

Nov 18, 2020

Our family enjoys being together. Lillian enjoys being right next to us. I think the number 1 activity that connects us is when we travel or get out and explore a hiking trail. It’s peaceful and the conversations are flowing. There are no distractions, it’s just us. The last few family vacations we went on, we joined up with another close family that also have kids the same age. Our favorite trip last summer was seeing Mount Rushmore and hiking the trails nearby. Being around friends and family also strengthens our bond.

And Lately, we’ve been having good laughs watching older shows with her. We just started season 1 of Parks and Recreation. It’s been fun to unwind at night and just laugh out loud together. Did I mention dance offs?  So that is fun to watch, but also participate in. Our favorite game to play is Charades. Wow, that will make you laugh and realize your family is really good at imitations and acting.

Hope this Wednesday is a good one for you too. We look forward to meeting you soon.



Ashley and Todd


A Little Bit About Ashley

Nov 12, 2020

Ashley has an infectious smile to always brighten your day and makes me laugh. Some of my favorite memories are just goofing off with Ashley, laughing so hard together that tears came to my eyes. She is without a doubt the most caring and loving person I know. Spend five minutes with her and you’ll instantly understand! From quizzing Lillian in preparation for a spelling test to volunteering at Meals on Wheels as a driver, she is always helping out others.  She always puts family first and is absolutely the glue that brings our family together. I remember watching Ashley interact with Lillian when she was first born. It was amazing to watch and witness.





A Little Bit About Todd

Nov 11, 2020

Todd has the best sense of humor! I always knew he was the one because he makes me laugh. He gets my jokes and I get his. It’s the best part of our relationship. Once you get to know him, he likes to talk…a lot. He’s often talking outside with our neighbors. He really is a nice guy. I’ve known him now for 24 years and he treats people with respect and enjoys good conversations. I’m lucky to have married the guy that everyone seems to like. I’ve watched him navigate high school, college, first job and now being the team lead with younger co-workers reporting to him. I’ve seen it and he makes people laugh. We attended his work holiday party and coworkers keep coming up to say ‘Hi’ and tell me about their ping pong game against him. He has a good reputation around his office for being a really good ping pong player. That’s a little fun fact for you. His laugh every time someone came over to talk was infectious. I saw it on his co-workers faces, they also enjoy being around him and working with him. He makes life more infinitely fun!




This is our home

Nov 10, 2020

Our home is on a quiet street tucked into our neighborhood. We live in a suburb outside of a big city in North Texas. We chose this area for their wonderful school districts. We wanted our children to grow up in a diverse school district. There are a lot of young families in our neighborhood who all attend the same elementary, middle and high school. As you can imagine, that creates a community that supports one another. We are surrounded by wonderful neighbors who have always been there for us over the years. You'll see young kids setting up a lemonade stand or playing together out front of their house. Some of the older kids are now babysitters or dog sitters. We have a few neighborhood pools we like to visit and socialize with other families and kids during the warmer months. We have our neighborhood park that is within walking distance with a playground, gazebo and an open field. That open field is our favorite place to play catch or throw the frisbee or football. Or just run into a friend or two while up there. 

Our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. We have a large backyard with a basketball hoop outback and a covered porch to relax on. We have plenty of room to spread out. You'll find us hanging out together in our living room and watching our favorite family shows. The kitchen/dining room/living room is an open floor plan, so we are always in the same space together. We also have a playroom and media room. The playroom sees a lot of creativity and is ever evolving as our interests change. We watch a lot of movies together in the Media room, especially now. We have a home office that Todd has been using more during this pandemic in which he has been working from home. Ashley was previously an International Marketing Manager, but is now a stay at home mom. She's usually in the kitchen or working on various projects around the house right now. The latest project was painting our hallway. Oh and she also volunteers with Meals on Wheels. Ashley picks up Lillian from school and always looks forward to seeing her after school and asking how her day was over an afternoon snack. 

All the best,

Ashley and Todd




Nov 10, 2020

It's World Adoption Day! Shining a light on the adoption journey. We took a picture of a smiley face on our daughter's hand. A symbol of our hopeful hearts. We're thinking of you today and praying we are the family that you choose to raise your child. Our home is full of love. Our family is excited to get to know you better. 

Air Hugs,

Todd and Ashley

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