Cousins are the best

Nov 05, 2020

We have a big family! 

Our daughter Lillian is 10 years old now. Ever since she was 3 years old she has been drawing pictures and talking about having a sibling one day. Although we weren’t able to grow our family on our own, as soon as we told her we were starting the process of adoption she was onboard.  She talks about it a lot at dinner time or bedtime. She dreams about what we will do together as a family when the new baby arrives. She has younger cousins and loves to read to them and play with them when they visit us. Lillian has had lots of practice helping care for her 4 younger cousins. They are all under the age of 5. 

Lillian has older cousins on Todd’s side of the family and she has younger cousins on Ashley’s side of the family. Ashley’s family lives closer so majority of the holidays will be spent with Lillian’s younger cousins. Like we did this last Christmas, we were able to visit and open Christmas presents together. We do like to travel to visit Todd's family when we can. This summer, all the kids were able to get together in our backyard with our blow up pool. They were loud and there were so many laughs while they were splashing in the pool and playing with the water balloons. If you can imagine kids laughing uncontrollably and dancing in a blow up pool, then you can imagine our summer afternoon.

They all love her and she loves them. 

Have a great day, we are thinking of you.


Todd and Ashley

An evening stroll in our neighborhood

Nov 04, 2020

We snapped a picture of Todd and Lillian on our evening stroll the other night. We walk and Lillian likes to roller blade. The weather was beautiful and the sunset was stunning. Also, there are two amazing people in this picture!

So I'll just put this out there, not sure if you can tell from photos, but our family is tall. We are what the world calls, "above average" in height. ;) Our daughter is one of the taller students in her grade. But we've always shined a lot on the fact that she is more than her height....she is smart, funny, and beautiful on the inside and outside. We feel this is something to talk about from a very young age. It's okay to look different than your peers, God made us all unique and loves us all the same. Just be the best version of yourself and be proud of who you are. We are loving parents who will be there to encourage, support and provide opportunities for our children to help them shine on.  

We hope you are having a good week. We are thinking of you, especially today.


All the best,

Todd and Ashley 

Halloween 2020 style

Nov 02, 2020

Halloween looked a little different this year. We took extra safety precautions to ensure we didn't get mixed into a crowd. We also had our mask with us as we do now anywhere we go. We enjoyed a family dinner of pizza with another close family. Then we headed out to Trick or Treat. This year, our neighborhood didn't have traditional Trick or Treating....instead you went house to house and they would have a bucket of candy on the porch or driveway or a few houses even made candy shoots. Not kidding! It was a large pipe that was decked out in holiday lights that they would send the candy down the shoot and the kids would catch it in their bucket. It was so creative! 


Snapped a picture of our neighborhood with the full moon in the backdrop. It created for a spooky scene. We had beautiful weather in the 60s at night and we walked a lot. It was good for the soul and seeing all the smiles and laughter of the kids was just what we needed in 2020. I'm so proud of how our neighborhood all worked together to make this a safe and fun Halloween for all the kids.


Wishing you a Happy Monday! 

Ashley & Todd

Halloween pics from a few years ago

Nov 02, 2020

We have a great neighborhood that goes all out for Halloween. Here are a few favorite pictures of us from Halloween nights over the last few years. Lillian got SO much candy that we had to take a picture. We decorate our house with spider webs, and ghosts in the trees. Our whole street and neighborhood decks out their front yards with fun Halloween decorations. One of the pictures shows Lillian posing in front of a yard decoration she enjoyed. 


Hope you have a good day!


Take care,

Ashley and Todd

Our favorite family vacation: Europe

Oct 30, 2020

We all would agree that our favorite family vacation would be when we went to Europe a few summers ago. Ashley's brother is living in Helsinki, Finland so we took the trip to visit him.  It was great to tour the city with him and his fiance. I should point out that Lillian already calls her aunt! She's been a part of our family for some time now. When they get married in a few summers, we would love to make it. We hiked, shopped, toured museums, ate yummy food and enjoyed beautiful weather in Finland. You'll often hear us talk about the berries at the market in Helsinki. They were perfection in every bite! Not making that up. It was such an amazing time.

We also took a few day trips to Sweden and also Estonia. So many memories! Our other favorite place was at the VASA museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Listening to Lillian recount the story of the ship is pretty priceless. She has also included this museum in some of her stories she's written at school. You are never too young to experience new things and places. We also made sure we enjoyed their cinnamon buns and nutella crepes. We ate a yummy dinner at a local restaurant. 

You'll see a lot of pictures from our trip in the Photo Album section that were just added. Be sure to check it out! 

Hope you are having a good day today. 


Ashley and Todd

Throwback to our beginning...

Oct 29, 2020

Throwback Thursday! All the way back to the beginning of Us. It's been a few Octobers since this photo was taken. ;) We're still Homecoming dates all these years later. We were setup by our friends to go together to Homecoming, which turned into high school sweethearts. This may be how we started, but our story is still being written….


We hope you have a good day today and you feel all the love around you.


All the best,

Ashley and Todd 

Lillian and Coach Todd :)

Oct 28, 2020

When we were dating I just knew Todd would be an awesome dad one day. He was always loving, kind and caring and treated me so well . When we had our daughter Lillian, he was right by my side every day helping in anyway he could. He's a hands on dad. He was also by my side well before that when we were having infertility issues...always at doctor appointments, helping with medicine, all trying to ease the stress of it all by making me laugh. He is truly amazing. I hope one day you will meet him. I don't talk about the un-fun stuff a lot, but we've been through it together. We've had our fair share of tears. But I like to focus on the positive things in life and Todd does too. That's why we are such a great team together.

But for now, I share this picture because it says so much. You'll probably find him playing catch with Lillian in our backyard or at our neighborhood park. The softball fields are right across from our neighborhood. Sometimes we are there just playing catch or practice batting. She's really loving softball right now, so we are supporting her efforts and having fun at the same time. Todd is the assistant coach for her softball team, which he loves to do.

We look forward to supporting another child's interests too. Children have a way to open your eyes to new experiences.

Enjoy your's almost the weekend! :)



We VOTED early!

Oct 27, 2020

We VOTED early and it felt really good. We have always been firm believers in our right to vote. We show up and try to make a difference. Being able to vote is powerful. We usually have our sidekick with us, but this year we felt like we shouldn't bring her to the voting center because of all of the Covid concerns. We are trying to be extra careful these days. But we have taken her every other time and she has really enjoyed the experience to see how it all works.  Our parents educated us on the importance of voting and feel it's one tradition to pass onto our children. 

Hope you're having a good day. 



Todd and Ashley

Just a little bit about us...

Oct 22, 2020

When we first met, we were two teenagers trying to navigate high school. And then it was college and navigating a long distance relationship. And then it was our first jobs and then our careers and navigating parenthood. Becoming parents wasn't easy for us as we struggled with infertility issues. After many years of navigating doctor appointments, we were blessed to have our biological daughter. Fast forward from the beginning of it all (over twenty years) and we’re still best friends navigating life together. Our love is strong and our love for our daughter is too. We are here and ready to welcome another child into our family and to give them just as much love. Our family is patiently waiting and just as excited as we are. We look forward to the day we can turn our "Party of Three" into "Party of Four".  

We're thinking of you today and we're holding onto hope. 


All the best,

Ashley and Todd


Flashback Pictures!

Oct 09, 2020

Flashback Time! What better way to show you how we parent than with our own blast from the past pictures. We do Halloween BIG, we do Parks A LOT and we laugh ALL THE TIME. We thought we'd share a few pictures with you of when our daughter was young. We have a biological daughter who we love & adore. And we can't wait to have another child that we can adore and love just as much.  We love being parents. 

Hope you realize how much we are thinking of you today, even if we haven't met yet.

All the best,

Ashley & Todd

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