Nessie is our favorite dog.

Sep 29, 2020

Nessie is our favorite dog! She's lovable and patient. She is Australian Shepherd/Border Collie. We adopted her almost 4 years ago now.  She seems like she has been a part of our family all along. Here's a picture we thought we'd share. She often likes to watch out our front window by sitting on our couch. We captured her in her favorite spot. We also have video clip of her watching us as we were outside walking by our house. Her tail is wagging! Lillian helps take care of Nessie and loves cuddling with her. We love Nessie!


All our love,

Ashley and Todd

Happy Fall Y'all!

Sep 22, 2020

Ok, I'm team Pumpkin Spice ALL the way! Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Pie. Yummy! Can you really have too much? Asking for a friend. ;) Although, Todd LOVES Pumpkin Pie, he isn't exactly onboard with the flavor in a drink.  It's okay, we can all have our differences, right?  For his Birthday which is in September, we always bake a Pumpkin Pie for him- it's his favorite. It kicks fall in our home. Now, let's count how many times I said, "pumpkin" in this Post.


Happy Fall! Enjoy your day.

Ashley and Todd

Weekend Vibes

Sep 21, 2020

We took a short drive North of our home and spent the day in the great outdoors! We visited a state park that we had not been to before. It was a beautiful day. We were able to hike a few trails and bike ride too. We saw deer while we were riding our bikes. Todd taught Lillian how to skip rocks. Who knew Todd was so good at it? We really enjoyed spending the day together. 

A summer sunset to remember

Jul 29, 2020

Sometimes you need a little escape! It's good for the soul. Maybe it’s right around the corner- a change in scenery your heart needed. This amazing view was captured this past weekend. It was just a short drive from our house. It was an evening that will always be with me. Staring at this sunset (with no filters added to this picture) you couldn’t help but take it all in. It filled me with hope. Just look for the Beauty in today and you will find it. 


All our best,

-Ashley and Todd

A family's love

Jul 20, 2020

As I sit and stare in awe at this picture of Lillian and Nessie, it hits home (again) how much love we have in our home. We really do love to spend time together! We went to Braums to celebrate National Ice Cream day and came home to chat and reflect on our day together. We talk a lot in our home. We play a lot in our home. Lillian loves to be with us and is a sweet child. Our dog is THE sweetest dog and is SO affectionate and lovable. We know we are blessed beyond measure, yet it still weighs on us that we have been called to adopt. As an outsider, one would look in on our house and ask, you have so much, why are you choosing adoption? And we would answer the same way every time…we have MORE love to share with another child. You see, Lillian was our miracle baby and as much as we tried to expand our family through fertility treatments again, in the end, it led us to our adoption journey. Once the idea seeps into your heart, you know it’s meant to be. You hold onto hope, faith, love and prayer knowing that your child is out there and when it’s meant to happen, it WILL happen. Love truly does make a family. For now, as we wait patiently, I will hold onto our family’s love to get us through this adoption journey. 


In our hearts,

-Ashley and Todd

Celebrating Father's Day

Jun 23, 2020

This weekend we had fun celebrating Father's Day as a family. It was great celebrating Todd. He truly is an amazing dad to our daughter. He plays games with her, laughs with her, coaches her...I am truly grateful to share parenthood with this man. We have so much more love to give and we can't wait to have another child to love and nurture together.  

I snapped a picture of the two of them playing frisbee in our neighborhood park. We had a picnic dinner at the shaded pavilion where I took this picture from. It was fun watching them- both athletic and Lillian has an arm! Let's just say Todd was chasing the frisbee a few times. It was great to have a change in scenery, with lots of sunshine and smiles and always lots of laughter.

We hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the warm sun this weekend too. 

~Ashley and Todd

Celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary

Jun 05, 2020

It seems fitting that our first Post on here would highlight our 17th wedding Anniversary. We just celebrated it this week. Our love for each other carries us through this roller coaster of life. Our celebration was a little different this year, but I think that is safe to say about a lot of things. We spent the day as a family, which was fun. First we played tennis together at the courts near our house. Then we cooled off by hanging out in our inflatable pool in our backyard. Yes, we aired up the pool and some pool floats for Lillian. It made for a memorable weekend with lots of laughs. We enjoyed listening to some of our wedding songs that we danced to at our wedding reception. We ate yummy takeout from our local Italian restaurant and then had a picnic nearby at a park. We were blessed because it was on a weekend and we had the whole day together. During this Pandemic, I feel like we have had a chance to spend more quality time as a family.

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