"While I am a parent to Beth Pettitt and have known her husband, Andy Wubbels, for over 10 years, I have spent most of my professional life working with families to create good outcomes for families and their children. I am trained as an elementary educator and worked closely with parents throughout my teaching career. I also worked for 21 years as the Parent Coordinator of the Parent Educator Partnership Program covering 33 local school districts. The program existed to promote, facilitate and assist with building partnerships between parents and educators for the purpose of better outcomes for their children and students. I'm writing to support Beth and Andy in their interests in growing their family through adoption. Having watched them over the past four years raising their daughter, June, while also taking in foster children, I have seen the type of parents they are. To observe them parent is to witness the qualities they bring to raising children in a loving and caring family environment. Their delight in children is obvious. They both have great instincts for providing structure and discipline while also giving children room for choice making and autonomy. Above all, they know how to make sure children know they are loved and secure. They do a wonderful job of interacting and communicating with children, meeting the child where s/he is at, listening, empathizing, affirming, instilling calm, and then problem solving together. Both Beth and Andy are very creative parents - I've watched with amazement at how they use that creativity to provide fun, teach skills, generate responsibility, set parameters and bring out creativity in the children. June is great testament to all of that. I've seen that same approach and impact with their foster children. They did a super job of helping June and the foster siblings adjust, working to meet each one’s needs with patience and respect, involving the children in working out conflicts. They do a wonderful job teaching children how to compromise. Watching Beth and Andy interact with their nieces and nephews gives further evidence of their abilities. They know how to build children's self-esteem through their positive reinforcement and praise while at the same time having a good sense of how to challenge children in a way that helps them discover their own capabilities and potential. Sharing the responsibilities of parenting is another attribute Beth and Andy bring to their family-building. I've seen them instill that in June, giving her age appropriate "family jobs". The greatest compliment I can give Beth and Andy is that I'd have no hesitation with placing a child of my own in their care. I'd do so knowing my child was going to receive a home like one I'd want my child to have. "

""Beth and Andy have been major caregivers for our sons since the time they were very little. My two sons both have special needs, my oldest son has Aspergers, and my youngest son has ADHD and high anxiety. Dealing with the challenges of special needs takes a lot of patience and creativity. Beth and Andy have been able to do this and more for our two sons, they have developed a deep relationship and trust with my sons. When my sons know Beth and Andy are coming to take care of them, they light up! This is because Beth and Andy don’t just “take care” of kids, they actively engage and come into their worlds. They meet kids where they are at, they engage with them and play with them incorporating the likes and passions of the kids. Here are just a few examples: Andy – My oldest son Josh loves Pokemon. Josh will read his Pokemon books to Andy for endless hours. Andy came up with the idea to draw Pokemon characters, together the two of them combined the characteristics of different characters to create new characters. Josh’s wall is filled with these drawings – he LOVES the characters and stories that he and Andy created together. Beth – My youngest, Tyler, is a gamer and many times it is hard to pull him away from video games. Beth is one of the most creative people I know, she creates games on the spot engaging kids, especially my sons, into games that get them outdoors. While doing that she engages them in the wonders of nature, the animals, amphibians, and the science behind them. She got Tyler so excited about science, he begged for a young scientist kit that came with the lab coat, test tubes, etc. Beth and Tyler have definitely had fun running experiments. Beth and Andy – Beth and Andy take care of our boys many times when my husband and I travel out of town. In general, Beth and Andy are better with coming up with ways to get our boys away from electronics than we are which was exemplified one of the weekends they were taking care of the boys. They began to play the game Whoonu. With my son, Josh, who is very rigid to rules and uncomfortable with new things, it can be very hard to engage him in games. Beth and Andy are very creative and were able to make the game flexible to help Josh and Tyler explore learning more about each other and they had fun getting to know more about Andy and Beth and having Beth and Andy learn more about them. When it comes to discipline, Andy and Beth, are very good at redirecting and refocusing our boys on what they should be doing. They use positive reinforcement and focus on the behaviors they want to see vs. focusing on the negative. When there is a conflict or my boys have crossed the line, either in how they acted or saying something inappropriate, Andy and Beth are very good at talking through what happened, finding out why (the triggers) and helping the kids understand why what they did or said is not appropriate, but they also talk to them about how or what they could have done differently. Beth and Andy both share a great love of family and have created a loving family environment. They have a deep longing to bring a new child into their family. Whomever is assessing which couple to give their child to, please look no further – Beth and Andy will be the most loving, caring and supportive parents you could ever ask for!""

"Beth and Andy are both loving and compassionate people—they have been very supportive of me and my family, generous with their time and energy, and open to receiving support from us when they are going through tough times as well. They have hoped to adopt a child for a long time. They are loving and supportive parents and would welcome another child into their family. My closest connection is with Beth, with whom I completed a fellowship program that placed graduate students into elementary schools for a year. Beth is a talented and creative educator who takes the time to figure out how best to communicate to and understand children. She genuinely enjoys being around children and getting to know them as individuals, qualities that I believe are essential for good parenting. In addition, both Beth and Andy have experience with children from diverse and complicated backgrounds, and have served as foster parent. They both respect and value all children and focuses on their unique strengths and gifts. We get together frequently with this family. Our children love interacting with Beth, Andy, and June. We've noticed their loving and thoughtful parenting style, their laid-back approach to life, and the priority they place on connections with their families and friends. Our son has had some learning and communication difficulties, and we’ve noticed how patient they are with him and how genuinely they work to understand what he is trying to say. Beth and Andy are good to each other and to their daughter; they take the time to communicate well with each other and their families. Andy is an excellent (and very healthy) cook, and the two of them have jobs that they seem to enjoy and find satisfaction in. There is certainly a long-held desire for a fourth family member, and I know this child would be cherished in their family. My family and I enthusiastically recommend Beth and Andy as adoptive parents. "

"Beth and Andy are terrific parents. They both have supportive and loving families who adore their wonderful daughter . Beth and Andy are calm, encouraging and kind people. They prioritize family time and are committed to growing their family though adoption. As an adoptive parent of 14 years and elementary school teacher of 18 years, I feel like I have a good sense of what children need to feel loved and supported. I know without hesitation that Beth and Andy have the understanding, respect and love needed to grow their family through adoption."

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