"We have known Brandy and Ozzie for five and half years. Ozzie has coached both our daughters in cheer for the last five years. We have became very close with both of them. We’ve taken hiking trips together and spent holidays together. Our family absolutely adores and trust them. We have witnessed them love and support many others in their lives and they have the same effect on everyone else as they do us. They are wonderful, loyal, generous, kind hearted people. With watching both of them when they interact with our children, we know that our daughters always have someone they can talk to and trust. You can see it with both of them that they believe in doing good and good will come back to you. We are very thankful and blessed to have them in our lives. "

"Ozzie & Brandy will make AMAZING parents! They are extremely hard working, loving and adventurous. Their children will have great experiences, learn important values and just overall be so loved! They are some of the best and genuine people that I know. They deserve to be parents!"

"Ozzie and Brandy have become my family over the years. They have welcomed me into their lives with open arms. They are two if the most selfless people I know. Their kindness is infectious and they have a love for one another that is so unique. I am so excited to watch them take on this new journey of parenthood! Not to mention, I am pretty stoked to become an aunt! "

"I highly recommend Brandy and Ozzie for adoption. They are hard working and a very loving couple. They both love children and they would be great parents. "

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