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"Chrissi and Robert are absolutely wonderful people and great parents. They provide a loving home that is full of excitement, learning and support. Their faith is of primary importance in their family and guides their loving and nurturing parenting style. Chrissi and Robert have a strong connection with their extended family, huge support system, and consider strong family relationships a priority. Chrissi and Robert often go out of their way to make their child and their loved ones feel special and loved. Chrissi and Robert also go out of their way to give back to their community in every way possible, including with their professions. Chrissi and Robert’s faith continues to help them build a rock-solid marriage and strong foundation for providing a consistent and loving home to any child. Chrissi and Robert want nothing more than to welcome another child into their home and their unwavering faith and dedication to their family will provide an environment for any child to thrive. I cannot recommend them more highly."

"Chrissi and Robert are generous, faith filled, energetic and loving people. It is truly an honor to work with them every day as they give of themselves to help children learn and grow. They are creative and dedicated in their work life and their family life. They know how to have fun and are always willing to volunteer where they are needed. They are devoted parents to their son and always put their family as their first priority."

"Robert and Chrissi are amazing parents and people. They make such an effort to be involved with our family even though there is physical distance between us. They value family in a way that inspires me. They are open and willing to share their faith and are raising their family with the same values they hold. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have married into their family. "

"Chrissi and Robert are educators who have kind hearts and nurturing personalities. I have known them for a few years, and I have seen first hand how they interact with children and students. They treat everyone with love, dignity, and respect and it is an honor for me to recommend them as adoptive parents."

"I whole-heartedly support Chrissi and Robert as prospective adoptive parents. I have personally witnessed the loving way they have been raising their 7-year old son. They are hands-on parents providing a perfect balance of age-appropriate boundaries and freedom for personal growth and independence. Chrissi and Rob are an amazing couple and their healthy home environment is filled with love, respect, stability and all the attributes a child can thrive in. Their exraordinary parenting style is evident in their happy, healthy, respectful and well-adjusted son. He would be so excited to welcome a new baby brother or sister in to this loving household. It would make this wonderful family complete! "

"Robert and Chrissi are both loving and joyous people who are steadfast in their faith. I had always figured Robert would make a good dad even before he got married and now watching the two of them actively raise their son has only confirmed that further. They are goofy, fun individuals that seem to always put family first and go out of their way to do so. So it won't be any different for their future kids, adopted or otherwise."

"Two years ago, I had the opportunity to hire Chrissi to teach math at my high school and I liked her so much, I hired her husband Robert this school year! They both have quickly become important members of our school family, mentoring and supporting both students and teachers on the campus. Their love of people, faith, and genuineness shine through everything that they do. I have also had the privilege of seeing Chrissi and Robert as parents to their son, as he is the same age as my own son (it definitely makes family/staff gatherings easier when there are other children around that get along with your children and that you can trust). I am so excited for Chrissi and Robert as they are on this journey to share more of their heart by expanding their family."

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