"I have known Claire for 24 years, and she is one of my oldest and best friends. We originally met through Girl Scouts and grew up together in our church youth group. I met Drake when he and Claire started dating and have gotten to know him as a friend over the years. They are truly a team. I have been so awed as Claire and Drake have thoughtfully considered this decision to adopt. I strongly believe they have the individual qualities and strong relationship to be amazing, loving parents!"

"We met Drake in the fall of 2016 when our son was a rising 7th grader. At the time, Drake was engaged to be married to Claire and he learned of the opportunity through our church (the church that Claire grew up in and was involved in the youth activities) to mentor a small group of teenage boys from 7th grade through 12th grade. Shortly into this commitment, Drake and Claire were married and to this day (our son is now a rising Junior in high school) Drake continues to create time to organize, plan and host meetings for this group of 10 boys from 4 different high schools to meet twice a month throughout the school year and several times over the summer break. They talk about their faith, the importance of staying connected to their church, their beliefs, frustrations, and just about anything else teenage boys want to talk about. They engage in conversations over dinner, group outings, playing dodgeball and basketball at church or watching sporting events together. Drake is very interested in helping these boys “stay on track” by giving them a non-parent figure to look up to—a mentor---who is engaged with what they are doing on a regular basis. Most of the boys in the group play at least one sport and at the beginning of each school year, he puts their athletic events on his calendar and makes the effort to go watch them play on the field or court at least once during their season. He also texts and calls them regularly to “check in” and since he loves to run and walk, he even calls the boys and invites them to run and walk alongside him---just to check in. Drake also loves to play golf and several of the boys have gone out and played with him---just another way he stays connected to our kids. Drake is also very sincere with the parents. He is very relational with my husband and me and checks in regularly to see how our son is doing. We would absolutely recommend Drake as a wonderful candidate for adoption. He embodies all the wonderful characteristics anyone would want in a father and truly cares about these boys and their well-being. He is strong in his faith, believes in himself and is very committed. He has a strong family upbringing and we know he desires the same family life of his own. Denise & Andrew "

"Claire and Drake are both great people who I admire and enjoy being around. Claire is very considerate and is always seeking to help others. She is reliable and has a genuine interest and natural ability in forming connections with others. They will be absolutely amazing parents and any child will be lucky to have them. That child will certainly know just how loved and special they are. "

"Claire has been my best friend for over 20 years. Not only did we grow up together, but more recently, Claire was one of few friends to stay steady in my life through my unexpected pregnancy. Our friendship never skipped a beat even though my life radically changed. Now, I’m so ready to be that steady friend in her life as she and Drake become parents! I highly recommend them as parents. I have seen the love they give to my kids (who beg to stay up late and see them at our weekly gatherings), and I can’t wait to see all the love they give to a little one of their own. "

"Drake and Claire are two upstanding people that I have had the pleasure of knowing for several years. Both individuals are thoughtful, deliberate people who understand the impacts of their decisions. In addition, I have had the pleasure of meeting Drake and Claire's respective families, who also show the integrity, compassion, and support that has clearly contributed to Drake and Claire's readiness be parents themselves. I could not give a higher recommendation to a set of potential parents than Drake and Claire -- they are tremendous people who will be even better parents."

"Claire & Drake are our great friends and we cannot speak highly enough of them. They are the most generous people of anyone we know and are unanimously regarded as the best gift givers due to their thoughtfulness and creativity. They are very down to earth, put others before themselves, and focus on the important things in life. They are a ton of fun to be around and we love them dearly. "

"Drake has been a long-time friend (over 12 years), and Claire and Drake are one of my wife and I's closest friends. They are always able to brighten up our day with a smile and a thoughtful act. They are two of the best listeners I've ever met, which speaks strongly to their selflessness. I trust them completely with anything, no matter how big or small. I cannot recommend Drake and Claire strong enough as people and potential parents. "

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