"We’ve known Courtney and Brad for over ten years and they continue to be one of the most happy and loving couples we know. They are incredibly warm and welcoming to family and friends. When Finn came along, they continued to be the same fun, happy, relaxed people that we have known. We have celebrated many holidays together and always get a laugh from their witty holiday cards and the creative meals Courtney cooks for others. Family has always been important to them and although some of the family is not nearby, they make a point of visiting regularly. While they enjoy being home in New York, Courtney and Brad are also adventuresome, fun loving travelers taking their young son with them wherever they go. We admire their easy going attitude and their love for each other and family."

"Courtney and Brad work closely together and yet allow each other to be creative as individuals. As Courtney’s parents, we have watched as these two built a life together through teamwork and compromises. Now, as Finn’s grandparents, we are watching how they give him constant support to be independent and yet working within the family or playing with his little friends. Any new child into this family will have not only Brad’s and Courtney’s guidance but, we’re sure Finn will be right there as a loving brother. The three of them have created a great environment of love and support that will get stronger with another child. Although we live on the west coast, we get to see them often. Joni flies out to take care of Finn several times a year, and other times they visit us at our farm. Joni and I are looking forward to Courtney, Brad, and Finn having another child in their family. We are excited to support them in any way possible."

"Brad and Courtney have been my close friends for a decade. I have seen their relationship grow through many phases—dating, engagement, marriage, and now parenting. At every turn the love and care they have shown for each other, and now Finn, is remarkable. Furthermore, Brad and Courtney consistently take time out of their busy lives to volunteer in their various communities and work to make society a more accepting, diverse, and inclusive place for all. I see them raising Finn with these values and I know that they will continue to love and accept him and their adoptive child for exactly who they are. I could not think of people that I more strongly support and endorse along this adoption journey."

"Courtney and Brad are amazing parents. They had their son, Finn, just six months before we had our son, and we look to them already as examples of how to do... just about everything. They are so capable, and seemed that way from the beginning, even as they were new parents just figuring everything out. They are some of the kindest people we know, and Finn is growing up in a household filled with love, acceptance, creativity, fun and adventure. Brad is a planner and a doer, who is passionate about his work and even more dedicated to his family. Courtney is among the most creative people we know, and we've always thought of her as the mom of our group of friends, because she is so loving and nurturing -- and she always brings delicious (and homemade) snacks. We support them fully in their adoption journey, and can't imagine a more welcoming family to help bring up a child to succeed in the world."

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