Marc's thoughts on Dev

Mar 08, 2021

Dev represents many things for me. I am extremely proud of him all the time when we learn something together, when he shares his knowledge on things that I have no clue about, or when he makes the effort to learn French for the future of our family. I admire his strength, thoroughness and decision-making process. I feel protected when he is with me. I also love his moments of weakness and when he shares his doubt and needs in life. I know that these qualities will make him a wonderful dad.

I (Marc) used to like not having plans when I go for a walk and he loves to have them. Now I like to plan things with him, so he feels comfortable, and I love when our plans transform, and we decide to let go and take things as they come. We know that compromise is what makes a relationship work and also know that once we have a child, there will be even more compromises to make. We can’t wait!

Dev’s thoughts on Marc

Feb 15, 2021

When God was giving out happiness, Marc was first in line and probably got more than the normal allotment. He is the joy of any party. He is always happy and makes those around him feel joyous. He can walk into any room and light it up with his large personality, his smile, his positive energy. He doesn't worry about perceptions, rather sets the trends. He is fair. He is adventurous. He brings out the best in us. He can make anyone laugh and that probably why everyone seems to want to be around him. He’s goofy and playful. He pushes me to shed the normative ways and pushes me to learn, grow and experience new ways. He is soft, and very caring and immensely supportive. I know that all these qualities will make him a fantastic dad. He pulls me onto the dance floor to be the first couple to dance, when everyone else is awkwardly watching. Without him, I would be the one standing on the sidelines watching as others have fun. With him, I willingly go onto any dance floor.

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