"I have had the pleasure of knowing the prospective parents, Marc-Antoine and Devashish, for a number of years. More specifically, I have known Marc-Antoine for approximately 13 years (we both attended the same university in France), and I have known Devashish for six years, almost immediately after Marc-Antoine met him. Marc-Antoine and Devashish have a relationship that is strong, stable, and quite honestly, inspiring. They are very encouraging of one another, they show affection and pride in one another openly, they speak highly of each other, they respect and support one another in all areas of their lives, and they listen to each other’s concerns and work hard to nurture their relationship. They are not lazy people, meaning most importantly that they are not lazy in their relationship. They work hard to inject love, happiness, activities, and passion into their relationship. I am positive that they will inject this same level of commitment into raising a child together. Both partners are 100% equally interested and invested in adopting—and absolutely ready to adopt—a child. Marc-Antoine and Devashishs are deeply involved in their community and neighborhood. They are both patrons of the arts, sitting on the MCC Theatre Council, and being involved in PRIDE events in their community. With a commitment to equality, progressive thinking, and a focus on teaching and instilling values that encourage acceptance, understanding, compassion, and diversity, I could not imagine better prospective parents who possess the grit and the courage to raise a child in what has come to be an increasingly divisive society. This child would be in the best home possible—I could not think of more qualified people to rear a child and to give them the best life with all of the opportunity that said life should offer. "

"To Whom It May Concern, I have known Devashish Jain since April of 2010 when we both were working at Ernst & Young in New York City. I met Marc-Antoine Denechaud in May 2015 at Devashish Jain’s apartment when I was visiting New York City after moving to Miami in 2014. I consider Devashish Jain to be one of my closest friends. Our relationship initially started at work, but it grew after spending time together outside the office. Devashish is a very well put together and ambitious person. He has worked his way up through the ranks at Ernst & Young to become a partner. A feat that is accomplished by very few. Additionally, he was such a strong candidate that he was made a partner upon his first attempt while many people who are even considered take two or three tries. He has been one of my most trusted advisors when it comes to predicaments both professional and personal. If I were every to need something, or was in a bind, he would be one of my first phone calls. Devashish has strong values which include: Education, establishing goals, hard work, and constant improvement. I have seen him demonstrate these time and time again over the past decade. He and I are remarkably similar in these ways and that is likely why we get along so well. Devashish is one of the most solid and well-rounded individuals I have come across in my life. With regards to Marc-Antoine, although I have known him a bit less time than Devashish, he has been nothing but welcoming and effervescent whenever I have been near him. It may be a bit trite to say since Marc-Antoine is French, but he really does fully exhibit the French saying “joie de vivre” (joy of life.) The way he is so loving to everyone around him, his empathetic nature, and just incredibly happy temperament makes him a pleasure to be around. Myself being a bit of a pragmatist or realist, I wish had the same ability Marc-Antoine has to see the world through rose colored glasses. In other words, live in a constant state of looking on the bright side of things and not letting any inconvenience, no matter the size, affect his mood or the way he approaches life. He is an incredibly loving human being. Beyond speaking about them individually, I have taken trips with Devashish alone and them as a couple, both married and prior to the wedding. These trips include North Carolina, a road trip through Colorado, pre-wedding planning in France, Montreal, a vacation in the Caribbean, and a handful of others. Over the past five years, I have visited Devashish Jain and Marc-Antoine Denechaud in New York City over five times (including sleeping on their couch at one point when hotel prices were over $1,000 per night) and have attended dinner parties and general parties at their apartment. They both have come to visit and stay with me in Miami several times over the past five years. Due to the pandemic, our next trip has been delayed a bit but suffice is to say that we enjoy each others’ company a great deal. From my experience, they care about each other very deeply and are two of my closest friends. The love that I have seen them show to each other, to their friends and family, and to me as a friend, allow me to highly recommend them as adoptive parent candidates. I have no doubt that any child they bring into their world would be engulfed in love and be positioned for an extremely fulfilling and successful life. Please feel free to contact me regarding Devashish and Marc-Antoine. "

"I have known Devashish Jain for over 12 years, and Marc-Antoine Denechaud since October 2014 when he attended my birthday party with Devashish at my apartment in New York City. Devashish and my youngest sister graduated together from a boarding school in India that I graduated from as well. My sister suggested that I meet up with Devashish when he moved to New York as we have a lot in common. Needless to say we have been friends since we met. The couple are among my closest friends in New York, and truly meet the definition of 'Friends Like Family' for me here. I had the honor of serving as a witness at Devashish and Marc-Antoine’s wedding at City Hall in March 2018, and it was my honor to officiate the wedding ceremony they had in Burgundy, France in August 2018 for their closest family and friends. I am privileged to be in close contact with both Devashish and Marc-Antoine as a couple on a very regular basis. They bring out the best in each other, and are among my most compassionate, empathetic and generous friends. For the last 7 years, I have celebrated many milestones such as birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas with them together. We meet up often as we enjoy each other’s company, be it to watch a play as we share a love of theater, cooking for each other, or just making the most of New York City as we lived a couple of blocks away from each other till recently. They have been part of my bubble through the pandemic, and a much needed support system at a time when it mattered the most. Devashish and Marc-Antoine have been consciously planning for and working towards the next step together as a couple to adopt a baby for a while, recently buying a larger apartment so they would have the space to start a family. Their plans to adopt a baby have been mutually thought out, agreed to and planned for based on discussions they have been having about this for the last couple of years. Their natural inclination to embrace and look after everyone within their orbit will extend itself well to being fathers, and it will be a very blessed baby that has the good fortune to become a part of their family. I am confident their baby will grow up with the best of education and experiences that both fathers can offer. The couple both have the support of their families for this big next step in their lives, and this baby will grow up with a lot of love and affection from its grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, as it will from all of us that love and adore Devashish and Marc-Antoine as a couple. "

"Marc-Antoine and Devashish are two of my closest friends and I have had the great privilege of watching their love grow over the past six years. Now, they are ready to welcome a baby into their home and I can say with great confidence that they will provide the love, support and tools needed to nurture a growing child and will lead by example on how to be a kind, accepting and joyful human being. I have spent many special times with the couple celebrating birthdays and other important life changes including their wedding ceremony in August of 2018. The amount of love and support that was witnessed at the wedding was truly a testament to the type of people that Marc-Antoine and Devashish are and the love that they share with those closest to them. Family and friends are of the utmost importance and a child adopted by them will gain, not only two wonderful dads, but an entire circle of supportive relatives and friends. As an educator who works with children as young as 12 months through 18 years, I understand the impact of parents on their children and the support they need in their home life. I can say, without a doubt, that Marc-Antoine and Devashish would create a supportive, engaging and loving environment for any child that they bring into their home. It brings me to tears to think about the two of them as fathers and how blessed a child will be to grow up with them!"

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