Aug 08, 2021

Hey there! We had a cousin party! Cory is an only child, and considers his cousins his siblings, so his relationship with his cousins is so important to him and to me. Even though we live across the country from each other, we always try to make time for each other to spend quality time together. Our child will most likely be an only child, but will also be close with their cousins just like Cory. Just scroll through these posts and you’ll find photos of our wonderful niblings - your child’s future cousins/siblings! With love, Elise and Cory

Fox in Sox

Jul 25, 2021

Cory reading to his niece. She picked out the book. We love reading together as a family, and we let the kiddos pick out the books.

They grow up so fast!

Jun 11, 2021

A year ago we posted a photo about Cory reading and holding his then four month old goddaughter. She has grown so much in the past year and it has been such a blessing for my sister to allow us to be such a big part of her life.

Godson Godsend

Jun 02, 2021

Hey Friend: Some of our best friends just had a baby boy, and Cory and I are so blessed to be named his Godparents! He’s so tiny! We’ve gotten so used to Cory’s goddaughter grow up. She’s now one and a half, and we had forgotten how little newborns are! Our godson came for a visit after his checkup, and he ate and slept, and we got to kiss his sweet little head. I feel so special to be able to watch this beautiful boy grow up, and so blessed to know him at such a young age. As Cory and I took turns feeding him and holding and burping him, I just imagined him growing up with his sister. I imagined him getting to know our child, and our other godchildren. I imagined the birthday parties and slip n slides, the cakes and presents. I imagine us going to his parties and him coming to ours. A godchild is a best friend and a cousin for your child in cajun culture. I’m still close with my “cousins,” my godfather’s daughters. Thinking of you, Cory and Elise

Crawfish and Children

Apr 12, 2021

Hello there: Here is a picture I took of my nephew on Good Friday holding a crawfish. Don’t worry, there’s a special way to hold crawfish where there’s no way to get pinched. Easter is a special time for all Christians and Catholics, but for us Cajuns, we also eat Crawfish on Good Friday and all get together as a family to eat our one meat free meal together. This little crawfish didn’t make it into the boiling pot, but was set free in an annual tradition I started when I was a little girl. There’s something magical about coming together as a family and sharing one large meal together. The adults start by peeling the tails for the little ones, and once they have had their fill, we peel for ourselves. Once we’ve all had our fill, we peel the rest to be made into crawfish stews, omelets, or just to be eaten the next day as left overs. Preparing, peeling, eating, and cleaning up after crawfish takes hours and is something the whole family does together. The kids help season the pots, and the grown men, lift the heavy pots. The women in my family prepare the side dishes like potatoes, corn, and dip. We all have our tasks and we do them together while chatting and catching up. As I was peeling for my nephews this year, I couldn’t help but be hopeful and think about how in a few years, once they’re old enough and we know they don’t have a shellfish allergy, I could be peeling crawfish for your child, and that was such a joyous though. I thought about that kiddo sitting by my mom or my dad or my husband or my sisters, buttering them up to get easy access to someone who will peel for them, just like I did as a kid. It’s a really pleasant thought, and I look forward to it becoming a reality. Yours, Elise and Cory

Azaleas in Spring

Mar 19, 2021

The Azaleas are in full bloom at my parents house and it brings back so many memories. Since I was a little girl, my parents lined up my sisters and myself infront of the pink flowers every spring to take photos. There’s a progression of photographs of the plants and us girls growing up together. Often around Easter or Palm Sunday when we were dressed well we would quickly scurry around the bushes for a quick photo before mass and then load into my mom’s van and hurry to church. When you choose us to place your child in our home, you can expect to receive azalea photos every year as well as long as those bushes are around. Love, Elise and Cory

Spring is Here (again)

Mar 12, 2021

Hello! Last year we posted a photo of of our baby Yuzu tree, and look at how it has grown! It’s hard to believe it has been over a year that we have been online making posts on this profile. The winter storm the south experienced last month caused us to move our yuzu inside where it lost some of its leaves, but it is growing in some beautiful new foliage for spring. I think it is about time to plant this little tree so that it can get the sunshine, rain, and nutrients it deserves. Lots of love, Elise and Cory

Harvesting Carrots

Feb 21, 2021

Hi there: Today we picked carrots. My father has been teaching my nephews how to garden all fall and winter, and my four year old nephew explained to me how the orange part we eat is in the ground. I told him I didn’t believe him so naturally we had to dig some up for a snack! I can’t wait to grow food with our future child. We have a variety of fruit trees and we grow vegetables In the spring and the fall and winter. Love, Elise and Cory

Baby Pool Shark

Jan 24, 2021

Hi there:


The nephews came for a visit, so naturally we played pool. Cory and his family are all big pool players, so we wanted to carry on the tradition and we have a table in our home. We bought a pool stick for little kids to practice shots so even our very young family members can have fun! 

In this photo, Cory is teaching a nephew how to count using pool balls as they rack up the balls. Every moment can be a teaching moment, and lord know we love spending time with our family. 

thinking of you,

Elise and Cory

Merry Christmas

Dec 26, 2020

It was Christmas of 2018 when Cory and I began our journey towards adoption. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. We have learned so much about adoption and what it means to be adopted since then. It’s been such a journey to get here and our love for our future child has continued to overflow. It’s times like Christmas where I think of Santa coming and us baking cookies ahead of time. I think about going to mass, spending time with our families, and all of the love that our whole family has to give. 

Until that wonderful day when our trio, Louis, Cory, and I, becomes a quartet, Cory and I spend Christmas morning building lego sets together. It’s a wonderful tradition where we snuggle up together by the fire and make something together. 

I can’t wait to continue this tradition, but with duplo blocks instead of lego bricks.


Merry Christmas,

Elise and Cory

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