Harvesting Carrots

Feb 21, 2021

Hi there: Today we picked carrots. My father has been teaching my nephews how to garden all fall and winter, and my four year old nephew explained to me how the orange part we eat is in the ground. I told him I didn’t believe him so naturally we had to dig some up for a snack! I can’t wait to grow food with our future child. We have a variety of fruit trees and we grow vegetables In the spring and the fall and winter. Love, Elise and Cory

Baby Pool Shark

Jan 24, 2021

Hi there:


The nephews came for a visit, so naturally we played pool. Cory and his family are all big pool players, so we wanted to carry on the tradition and we have a table in our home. We bought a pool stick for little kids to practice shots so even our very young family members can have fun! 

In this photo, Cory is teaching a nephew how to count using pool balls as they rack up the balls. Every moment can be a teaching moment, and lord know we love spending time with our family. 

thinking of you,

Elise and Cory

Merry Christmas

Dec 26, 2020

It was Christmas of 2018 when Cory and I began our journey towards adoption. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. We have learned so much about adoption and what it means to be adopted since then. It’s been such a journey to get here and our love for our future child has continued to overflow. It’s times like Christmas where I think of Santa coming and us baking cookies ahead of time. I think about going to mass, spending time with our families, and all of the love that our whole family has to give. 

Until that wonderful day when our trio, Louis, Cory, and I, becomes a quartet, Cory and I spend Christmas morning building lego sets together. It’s a wonderful tradition where we snuggle up together by the fire and make something together. 

I can’t wait to continue this tradition, but with duplo blocks instead of lego bricks.


Merry Christmas,

Elise and Cory

Louis in Jammies

Dec 22, 2020

Merry almost Christmas!


Today is family Christmas, where my family gets together, we do brunch, and give gifts. Cory and I dress in Jammies, so this year Louis has his PJs on to match. Don’t worry y’all, it’s chilly outside so Louis is enjoying the extra warmth. We are so excited to give our nephews and niece their gifts today. I think giving gifts and watching kids open them is my favorite part of the holidays. 

lots of love,

Cory and Elise

Snuggle Time

Dec 13, 2020



The niece and I got some quality snuggle time the other day. Can you believe how big and beautiful she is? I love watching her change and grow. That girl will be walking before we know it!



elise and Cory 

Ice Cream Truck!

Nov 22, 2020



The ice cream truck came by today and the nephews came over to get their favorite treats! But Elise, I hear you say, it’s fall! It’s almost thanksgiving - it’s too cold for ice cream! Well, in Louisiana we don’t exactly get seasons. It’s still pretty much summer here at a lovely 76 degrees. It gets chilly in January, and warms back up around Marci Gras (late February). That means that kiddos here get extra time to play outside and have a really great childhood. 


Elise and Cory

Sweet Moments with Sugar Cane

Nov 12, 2020

Hey y’all:


It’s grinding season! What’s that? It’s when the sugar cane gets harvested and converted to sugar. I remember being a little girl watching them harvest sugar cane with such delight; who doesn’t love big tractors? My nephew came visit his grandparents so they could watch the harvest. I love moments like these. It connects us as a family and us with the land and the traditions we have in our area. My grandfather was a sugar cane farmer, and I grew up putting cane syrup on my pancakes. I can’t wait to share grinding season with our future child. 

with love,

elise and Cory 

Merry Thanksgiving?

Nov 08, 2020

Hey friend:


Is it early for a Christmas tree? Yes, by quite a bit, but we don’t care! 2020 has been such a long year with Covid and all, that I figured what’s the harm with having the joy of the season fill our home with peace and love a bit early this year? I looking forward to hearing your family traditions during the holidays so that we can share them with your child. For us, it’s all about family time and togetherness. 

lots of love,

Cory and Elise 

Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

cory is an old man, I’m a butterfly, and Louis is a skeleton. Every Halloween we go to my sisters go hand out candy. This year, it’s a social distanced Halloween, but it still promises to be a fun one! 



Sweater weather

Oct 18, 2020

Hey y’all:


Ok, full disclosure it was sweater weather for about 2 hours this morning, and then it went right back to summer, but doesn’t Louis look adorable in his sweater? The answer is yes. Yes he does. 


Praying for a cold front,

Elise and Cory

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