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"I can’t think of any better parents for a very special child than Gabrielle & Clint. They are an amazing, Christian couple and are more than ready to take on the role of parenthood. They will nurture and love this child unconditionally. Our entire family is excited to welcome this little one into our big, loving family. "

"Gabrielle and Clint are two of the most upstanding people I have ever met. We are in a small group at church together, and they are devout Christians who would make amazing parents!"

"I have known Gabrielle my whole life. She is my oldest and closest friend, and one of the most important people in my life. Clint and Gabrielle have a wonderful marriage built on their shared values of family, faith and service. Gabrielle is the nurturer and dreamer. Clinton is the protector and pragmatist. Together, they prioritize giving back, caring for others and reaching new goals. They find strength in each other and the amazing community of family and friends they have surrounded themselves with. I know that adoption has been on their hearts since before they got married and it is a decision they made with a full heart and mind. I would trust Gabrielle and Clint with my own daughter. They will be amazing parents to a very lucky child. "

"Hi I’m James Pritchard and I have been the very best of friends with Clint for over 22 years now. He later found the perfect match for himself in Gabrielle, whom I have now know for 6 years. I met Clint in Junior High School and Gabrielle when they first started dating. I am very excited that Clint and Gabrielle have expressed their desire to adopt a child! These two are very kind and loving people that have tremendous hearts. They make their friends part of the family. They both come from a background where family and faith are a top priority and any child would be safe, loved and well taken care of no matter what. They have been nothing but amazing friends to me and I know they will be even better parents. I can not wait to see their family grow and expand!"

"My older sister, Gabrielle, and her husband, Clint, are everything wonderful parents can be. They are responsible, patient, understanding, and filled with so much love to give. So SO much love. Gabrielle has always been a leader in my own life. As her little sister, I have watched her follow her heart to become a nurse practitioner, a loving wife, a lifelong friend to so many, and the most unconditionally supportive and caring sister I could ask for. She is a woman of faith, perseverance, and family. And, I should know! My sister helped raised me. Gabrielle always held me close when I needed comfort and pushed me towards my goals when I doubted myself. Any one in her care will always be cared for. Gabrielle and Clint's bond with one another is strengthened by their shared family values and I know in the deepest places of my spirit that they are going to have a family built on nothing but love, trust, and care. I've attached a photo here of me, Gabrielle, and our little sister Daniella as children. Because Gabrielle has been a caretaker since she was a child and I would love to honor how she has mothered Daniella and me through this image of love and friendship. "

"From the moment we knew Gabrielle and Clint were following their calling to adopt, our family has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby. This child will bring tremendous joy into our lives and is already loved and cherished. Gabrielle and Clint are loving and hardworking individuals who make a real difference in the lives they touch. They are strongly rooted in faith and their home is filled with love and hope; a perfect environment for a new child. To birth mothers searching for placement for their child, I would like to say that you are in my prayers. You are brave, strong, and inspirational. I pray each of you find the perfect home for your child. Trust in God to help you choose the parents who can best offer your child the environment right for you. To the birth mother who picks Gabrielle and Clint to parent their child, I would like to say you and your child are forever a part of our family. May God bless your journey and fill your heart with peace today and always. Know that this adoption is not only a commitment for Gabrielle and Clint. Our entire family will love your child beyond measure. Thank you for the most precious gift ever .. giving this beautiful baby life. Your child will make our lives complete and me, (Grandma Nita) is without a doubt over the moon!"

"I highly recommend my daughter and son-in-law for adoption. They are both rooted in FAITH and are wanting to improve the life of a child before having one of their own, which I find very admirable. They will be excellent parents as their upbringing are similar with the foundation being FAMILY. They both have a big heart and are very giving of themselves. The adopted child will be in great hands if they are chosen to be adoptive parents."

"Gabrielle and Clint are two very wonderful people. They both are caring, kind hearted, and loving individuals. I am blessed to have Gabrielle as my Sister and Clint as my Brother-In-Law. They will both make wonderful parents and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for them."

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