"Jeffrey and Meghan have been such a meaningful part of my life. Jeff and my husband have known each other since they were boys in elementary school, and he is more like a brother to us than merely a friend. I have had the joy of getting to know this special couple over the last 11 years. These two share such a joy for life and family that it is impossible not to have a smile on your face when you're with them. They each possess that special quality that makes you feel warm and immediately at ease. As parents, I have seen their faith as well as their zest for adventure grow more and more. Any child would be blessed to join this beautiful family."

"Highly recommend Meghan and Jeffrey. I have known them both for most of my life and find myself a better person for their friendship. Both are positive, loving, and caring individuals. When our families get together, our times have always been a blast! I just love seeing their son Dorian continue to grow personally through the positive encouragement from Meghan and Jeffrey!"

"Meghan and Jeff are amazing parents and are raising their son in a loving, caring home. They are both hard-working, positive parents. They will continue to be amazing parents as they grow their family. "

"Meghan and Jeff are great parents. They will provide a loving, caring environment for any child that comes into their home. They are a happy couple who will provide all kinds of opportunities for any child in their care. Along with being great parents, they have a strong support system of family and friends that helps provide even more stability and support. "

"You will never find two people with bigger hearts than Jeff & Meghan. They are so kind and loving. I'm so grateful to have them both a part of my life."

"Both Meghan andJeffrey have qualities that make them truly wonderful parents. They are very family-oriented and dedicated to providing an enriched caring home environment."

"Jeff and Meghan are incredible parents and will welcome another child into their lives with all the grace and love they have to give. I have watched my nephew grow and develop into a sweet, kind, smart, and silly little boy, thanks to their guidance and exceptional parenting. I know they will foster the same growth, kindness, and love in any other child they have the privilege to add to their family, and we as the extended family, can’t wait to be a part of the journey and share all the love and support we can give as well. "

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