• 32 Honest
  • 28 positive
  • 29 Funny
  • 31 Family oriented
  • 31 Hard working
  • 32 dependable
  • 28 patient
  • 30 Loving
  • 24 philanthropic
  • 29 A love for laughter
  • 31 compassionate
  • 31 Kind
  • 32 Love music
  • 23 Artistic
  • 30 Integrity
  • 28 Empathetic

"I am so excited for Dan and Jaclyn and what their future holds. I have no doubt in my mind that they will both be amazing parents. As background, I have known Dan my entire life, as our families grew up as very close friends. Spending so much time with Dan and his family has provided me tremendous insight into who he is a person and how caring and genuine he always has been. Dan is someone who will always reach out to help in any way he can and is always there if you need anything. He is very kind, funny and caring. Dan introduced me to Jaclyn several years ago and it is clear that they are a perfect match. Jaclyn is so caring, sweet and fun to be around. They were meant for each other and its evident in their relationship. As a brief story to showcase who Dan and Jaclyn are as people, I thought I would share the following story. My husband and I had dinner plans with Dan and Jaclyn in the city. Suddenly, we received a notification that our babysitter cancelled and we were unable to attend dinner. Instead of cancelling dinner, Dan and Jaclyn drove our to our house to hangout with us, our three children and put their night out in the city aside. This exemplifies Dan and Jaclyn. They put others first and are comfortable being around children. They are both special people and I feel lucky to know them. "

"Jaclyn and Dan are an amazing couple we are very lucky to call our friends. Time spent together always brings smiles to all of our faces and laughter to the air. Jaclyn and Dan are always genuinely interested in our lives and even remember details from conversations from months before like it was just moments ago. I have known Dan for my entire adult life and always look forward to our time together. Dan and I have had the pleasure of watching many baseball games from the stands together and I always look forward to catching up during a game even more than the game itself. Jaclyn and Dan are going to be great parents just as they have been great friends to all that enter their life. They surround themselves with an amazing group of friends and family who all cherish their positive attitude, humor and compassion. We know they will bring the same dedication and determination into parenthood as they do into all they are so passionate about. We can’t wait to support them throughout the journey!"

"Dan and Jaclyn are two of the most loyal, intelligent, kindhearted, and loving people you would have the privilege to meet. They constantly put the feelings and needs of their friends and family members first and can be depended on to do exactly as they say they will. As parents of two children of our own, we cannot wait to see them become parents. Their love of life and family will be an incredible asset when their time comes and I know they cannot wait to start this exciting chapter in their lives."

"Let's start with a picture we will never forget -Jaclyn was 4 years old when we had our first child. She could not get enough of "the baby". We were on vacation with our large extended family and anytime Jaclyn could be by our side and assist with the baby she was right there. Jaclyn was just so happy! Watching her grow and become the woman she is often brings us back and reflect on that vacation. Jaclyn is compassionate about life every day. She is a joy to be around and anyone who knows her adores when she starts to laugh...and that is often...everyday in fact! When Jaclyn met Dan, it was as if we were blessed yet again. Dan and Jaclyn compliment each other and make marriage and commitment look so easy. Their lives together and independently are genuine. Watching the two of them communicate with each other is perfection. Parenthood is the next step they are destined for. The abundance of joy and love the child will receive will be phenomenal. There is no doubt they will speak openly and honestly with their child. They will help their child in good times and not so good times. They will teach their child what they have both been taught - joy, laughter, integrity, openness, and above all unconditional love. "

"Jaclyn and Dan are one of the sweetest, most genuine, and kindhearted couples that I know! They are always your best "cheerleaders" in life and will do anything for anyone! Jaclyn is one of my closest friends and she has been there for me through many important moments of my life and has always been a supportive and loving friend. As for Dan, the moment I met him I could tell how much he loved Jaclyn and understood why they were such a perfect match. Dan has such a calm, kind, and genuine demeanor and immediately makes you feel right at home. Her and Dan have shown strength and perseverance through difficult times and have grown as a couple because of this. I know that any child would be more than lucky to have Dan and Jaclyn as parents. They will spoil any child with unconditional love, warmth, support and will be the best role models a child could ask for!"

"I can truly say I've known Jaclyn the longest of anyone. In the fall of 1985 I learned our family would have another baby to love and in the following spring we welcomed a little girl we named Jaclyn Renee. From the earliest days she had the best laugh and widest smile and filled my heart with joy. She loved lining her dolls and stuffed animals up and reading to them so it was not a surprise she chose to become a teacher. She has nurtured many, many students over the past dozen years, most all with a learning need and has loved them as they were her own. On the day of her wedding to Dan she woke up announcing loudly to the universe, I'M MARRYING DAN TODAY! It was a most happy and joyful day when we witnessed their union of love. They have, since that day, longed to become parents. They are a loving couple devoted to each other and their extended families. I can't wait to meet the baby who will call them mama and papa. "

"Jaclyn and Dan are some of the most wonderful people I know. They are exactly the type of people you’d want to parent future humans of the world. The balance between the two of their personalities will foster a well-rounded environment for any child. Their children will benefit to learn from the both of them and their unique perspectives. However, they share so many more traits than where they differ. They are thoughtful and compassionate; moral and loyal; kind and considerate; intelligent and helpful; joyful and fun; and most importantly - so very loving. I cannot wait to witness the amazing parents they will be and I am excited for their future child to grow-up in the warmth of their love. They are nothing but supportive to those of us lucky enough to know them - and their support and love will be tenfold for their future child."

"I have know Jaclyn since freshman year in high school. Jaclyn is kind, driven, family oriented and has the best laugh you could ever hear! Her and Dan have such a special love for each other. They have created such a great life for themselves. They both have such amazing families. I know there is a little one out in the universe just destined to be theirs and they are going to be one lucky baby."

"We are delighted to write a recommendation for Jaclyn and Dan. We've know Jaclyn since her birth, as she's our niece. Jaclyn is one of the older cousins in our very large family. As a little girl she was always the big helper, playing with her little cousins, teaching them all kinds of things. She has the most contagious laugh and everybody loves her. She's quite artistic and painted some beautiful keepsakes for her grandparents when she was in school that are still treasured today. Her compassion is obvious as soon as you meet her which is probably why she is such a great school teacher. She's super smart and always a joy to spend time with.Jaclyn has always loved being around children from her early days as a young girl. She's going to be a fantastic, caring and fun Mommy! When we first met Dan we immediately saw what Jaclyn like about him and we felt the same way. He's witty, and full of charm and character. He lights up when his beautiful wife walks into a room. He's kind, helpful, fun and very smart. And he's great with the computer! Dan has a wonderful extended family and we all enjoy spending time together. He's going to be a great father for either a boy or a girl. Jaclyn and Dan are both great photographers and made us a cook book as a gift that we treasure. It consists of their own dishes and is photographed in their lovely home. They are such a fun loving couple. We cannot wait to welcome their beautiful child into our extended family. "

"Both of us have known Dan since elementary school and continue to be very close friends with both him and Jaclyn. They are both highly intelligent and compassionate people who live without any hatred or prejudice towards anybody. They are the type of people we would want to raise our children should something happen to either of us."

"I'm writing to recommend my close friends Jaclyn and Dan as incredible potential adoptive parents. They are two of the most loving, loyal, caring and warm hearted people I've met. They would make such wonderful parents and any child would be lucky to have them as parents. Jaclyn has been one of my dearest friends for years and I can honestly say that she is one of the most loyal, reliable and mature friends I have. Dan is a wonderful, easy going guy and together they make an incredible team. "

"Jaclyn & Dan will be the best parents ever! They are just the cutest couple together but are amazing individuals separately, as well. They are loving, happy, easy going, open-minded, and both love their families. Any child would be so lucky to be brought into their lives and we can't wait to welcome them into our family with open arms. They are more than ready for this next phase of their life...I can't imagine them to have more smiles than they already do...but I know they will! "

"I have known Dan since we were kids and Jaclyn since they first started dating. They are wonderful people and I consider myself lucky to have them in my life. Jaclyn is a kind and loving person who I just know will be an amazing mother. Dan is the kind of friend who is always there for you no matter what. He traveled across the country to stand by me as the best man in my wedding. Although we now live on opposite coasts, he still makes sure to reach out often and see how we're doing, and hearing from them always puts a smile on my face. They are both very close with their families which is great since I know there will be so much love and support around at all times for their child. They're both hard working and dedicated to anything that they are passionate about, and I know that they will pour all their love and devotion into creating the best life for their child."

"Jaclyn and Dan are TOTALLY prepared and able to raise children. Both come from loving, supportive families. They clearly emulate that love and support in their marriage, and I am certain they will provide a loving, nurturing, supportive environment for their children. I honestly can endorse them for each of the characteristics listed and MORE!"

"Jac and Dan are so excited about the prospect of becoming parents through adoption. They are a genuine couple full of love and laughter shared amongst themselves and with others. Our extended family can't wait to share in the joy and blessings of parenting with Jac and Dan!"

"Dan and Jaclyn are two people meant to nurture a child. They complement each other perfectly, creating a family structure fully prepared to help guide a child through life. I have known Dan for over a decade and count him as one of my closest friends. He is patient, honest and most of all dependable. When we were living away from family, Dan was one of the key people who kept in touch with us frequently to help with our feelings of homesickness. He has always been great with welcoming my son, James, into our interactions (see the photos below where James decided to skip his nap so he could joint in book club with Dan and I). James gets so excited when he hears that Aunt Jac and Uncle Dan are going to come to dinner with us. I can't think of a couple that is better suited to adopt. I know that I would trust them with my son should anything ever happen to my wife and I."

"I have been with Jaclyn since birth as she always came to our home in Ocean City and she was always fascinated with children. When Dan came around he too was the same way."

"Will make fantastic parents"

"Dan and Jaclyn have a great relationship and a strong desire to welcome a child into their life. With a large supportive family to rely on and a solid home life they can offer a loving and stable environment for a child to thrive in. They are a mature, dependable and fun loving couple. The family is very excited and eager to assist them in welcoming their newest family member"

"I have known Daniel's parents for over 40 years and they are a loving couple who imparted their best qualities to Dan and his brother by example. Family always came first and virtues of hard work and compassion for others are evident in Dan's life and in the way he treats his family. A very positive relationship exists between his parents and Dan and Jac and I know a child would enhance what is already stable and constant. After many years of dialogue with Dan's parents I am aware of the great anticipation and desire on his part to become a parent and to take on the responsibilities just as his parents did in the same loving way. I cannot think of a more deserving couple and I wish them all the best on their adoption journey."

"I have played "family" with my sister since we were little, and I can not wait to see her become the mother she has always dreamed of being. Jaclyn and Dan are so loving and present with my own children (I have a 1 year old and 5 year old) and have a wonderful home to welcome a new baby into. They will make amazing parents."

"Jaclyn and I have been friends for over 20 years. Jaclyn speaks from the heart and her loving energy can be felt through her mindful hugs and infectious laugh. She treats all things including nature, her students, friends, and family with compassion, loyalty, and love. I am extremely fortunate to have her friendship for so many years. As a parent, myself, I can testify that parenthood is one of the most beautifully challenging experiences in life. Parents must be patient, kind, compassionate, empathetic, willing to learn and grow with their children, and, of course, unconditionally loving. Jaclyn and Dan have two of the biggest hearts that I know of and encompass all the traits I mentioned and more. They love adventure (locally and globally), healthy cooking, music and art, and spending time with family. As a witness to their kindness, love, patience and commitment to each other and their loved ones, I can say with confidence, they are going to be the most amazing parents. I know they will do everything in their power to raise their child to enjoy and appreciate family and nature and to always treat others with love, respect and kindness. I mean this with my whole heart, any child would be blessed to have Jaclyn and Dan as parents."

"Both my wife and I met Dan about 15 years ago through college friends and we have been close ever since. In fact, I like to take credit for him and Jac getting married since their first date was a concert that me and my girlfriend (now wife) invited him to! I was one of the first in our group of friends to have kids (my girls are now 3 and 5), and Dan has always been incredibly supportive and caring towards our family. He always asks about the girls whenever we speak and is genuinely interested in their lives. He has a great sense of humor and a very calm demeanor which I feel are great qualities for a parent. He and jaclyn both come from close knit families and I am confident that they will raise their child incredibly well. We fully support them and look forward to them taking the next step in this amazing journey of parenthood. Thank you. Mark and Margaret Marinzoli "

"I can't imagine anyone more qualified to become new parents than Dan and Jac. Not only do they possess the characteristics listed below, they are also two of the kindest, most loving and caring people I know. Dan is my nephew and our families are close. Jac has been a most welcome addition to our family. She is so dear and easy to be with, wise beyond her years. As is Dan, who has been that way since he was little. Even as a young boy he was always observant of other's feelings and needs, didn't miss a thing and was a well-adjusted, happy, active boy. Our families spent a lot of time together and we still do. Dan and Jac are the kind of couple I always think about because I love them yet I don't worry about them. These two are so level headed and thoughtful about their life direction, I know they can handle whatever comes their way. They will be such great parents who have so much love to offer a baby, I get excited just thinking about it for them. You can feel the love they have for each other. They are a joy to be with and the strong bond they have is the essential ingredient new parents must have. They are blessed with an abundance of love to give to a child and I am confident will be exceptional parents. "

"Jac and Dan have become one of our favorite friend couples thanks to their enthusiasm for life's little pleasures, reliability, and dedication to our community. Not only can we count on them for stimulating conversation at brunch, but their empathetic approach to life and commitment to family and friends serves as a model for us and others. We know they will provide a nurturing, warm home for a lucky child and we can't wait to see them thrive as a new family! "

"Simply put Dan and Jaclyn are two of the most kind, generous, and thoughtful people I know. Their caring spirit and appreciation for their friends and family is a core part of who they both are, and that compassion infuses the life they share together. I'm so excited for them to become parents and to meet the child who will learn and grow from them in such a warm and enriching home. "

"I have known Dan (and his brother and parents) since we were babies. Throughout his entire life, he has been kind, thoughtful, empathetic, and caring. He is also happy, positive, and just fun to be around. He and Jaclyn are true partners who love and support each other and I can't think of 2 people who would make better parents. They have every single quality as individuals and as a couple to make fantastic parents. I already feel so happy for the child(ren) that get to spend their lives with Dan and Jac as their parents "

"Dan and Jaclyn are two of the most caring individuals I know. They will do anything for their friends and family and I appreciate their friendship tremendously. I know they are going to be absolutely amazing parents!"

"I have known Dan and his family since we were babies. And I’ve known his wife Jac for years now. They are both loving and kind people and will be amazing parents. "

"I have known Dan for 15+ years at this point and consider him one of my closest friends. I have known Jaclyn since the two of them started dating and have always known them both independently and together to be people of great character. They are kind, caring, compassionate people and I think they would make wonderful parents. I trust them implicitly and would trust them with my own child. "

"Dan and Jac are some of the most honest, forthright, and thoughtful people we’ve ever been around. Knowing Dan all of my life has been a pleasure, and the addition of Jac years ago has been wonderful! We love both of them so much!"

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