"I have been a close friend of Jennifer's for the better part of 30 years. I have seen her raise 2 children that were not hers biologically, and without hesitation or strife, she chose to love them unconditionally and would do anything to see them healthy and happy. To be honest, there is no one better suited to motherhood, she is a natural-born giver. Jorge is loving and sweet and smart and an amazing father to his young son. Together they will love and nurture and support. They are strong, fair, happy, and fun, and all they want is to raise a beautiful human."

Lori ENDORSED | Great with Kids, Funny and down to earth, Outgoing and Friendly, Intelligent and Creative, Caring Parents, Smart In Books and LIfe, Hard-working, Family-oriented, World Travelers, Comforting, Supportive, dependable, Generous And Kind, Motivating and Fair, Loving and Fun Parents, Encouraging and Accepting

"As Jennifer’s mom I am beyond thrilled about Jennifer and Jorge’s plan to adopt a baby. Family is a priority to them. Jennifer is a full-time stepmom to Manny now 16. I am so impressed with the close bond between Jennifer and Manny. She is consistently and without question supportive and encouraging of Manny’s interests and projects. Jorge has had full custody of Manny since he was five; he has provided for him so that he has thrived and continues to do so. I have much admiration for Jorge. Jorge is a scientific researcher who is well-known and well-respected within his field. Jennifer and Jorge are very involved with their nieces and nephews ranging from young kids to young adults. They are present for family celebrations, get-togethers, and in regular contact by Alexa, FaceTime, and text. Backtracking 18+ years Jennifer was paired with her Little Sister through the Big Sisters organization. I saw their relationship blossom and grow as I often joined them for lunch and shopping. Jennifer nurtured and supported her little sister unconditionally from the age of 12 to soon turning 30. She has become a remarkable young woman with a Masters Degree in Special Ed and is happily married. I am so excited to be Gran-ma again and to embrace the new baby with overwhelming joy. I know within my heart and soul that Manny will be the best big brother as he is patient, kind, and loving; Jennifer and Jorge will be the best parents loving and cherishing this new addition to their family. "

"Jennifer and Jorge are amazing parents and people! They're incredibly family-oriented and down to earth. They love travelling and going on adventures! Jennifer and Jorge are supportive, caring people that have been very important in my life. "

"Jennifer and Jorge will make excellent parents. Growing up, I always loved talking to Jorge because he taught me so much about the world around me and could always put a smile on my face. Jennifer is really supportive and kind, and I still frequently go to her for advice. I know I can always talk to Jenn and Jorge when I need help, like with college applications, or when I just want a fun conversation. They work hard, and preach work ethic, but also know how to have fun. Manny is a great young man as well. He's very caring and patient with his younger cousins, and will make a great big brother."

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