"Jady and Liza are among my closest friends in the world, and a married couple and parental set that I look up to in many ways. They are unfailingly honest, but always gracious and merciful. Their love for each other and for their children is obvious and infectious. Their home is warm, caring, and safe. I never feel more comforted than when I am with them. I can't think of a family to which I would sooner entrust a child than the Kochs. "

Nicholas Lannon ENDORSED | Fun, Responsible, Caring Parents, Sense of Humor

"I am writing to express my wholehearted support of the Koch family as a prospective adopted family again. My brother is Jady and he has always been my hero and someone I have looked up to from a young age. Jady is funny, very smart, compassionate, firm in his convictions and very generous. He is a great father to his children and has a desire to raise and lead his family to know and love Christ and others. Liza is not only my sister-in-law but my best friend. She is loyal, smart, compassionate, firm in her convictions and gracious to everyone she meets. She is an excellent mother and her children adore her. I have witnessed first hand the loving attention they show towards their children and admire them as parents. The children are precious and loving and fun to be around and I know would welcome a new sibling with open arms. Together this family is just amazing. Of course Jady and Liza have their occasional disagreements like any normal couple, but they are truly best friends. They treat each other with mutual respect and have created a stable and secure home for their children. I HIGHLY recommend them as prospective adoptive parents and have no doubt that your child would be loved and taken care of with open arms, lots of prayer, and unconditional love from their family, and from me, “Aunt Lulu” too :) "

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