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" Nate and Rebecca Scott are such a loving family. They have two beautiful children, Emma and Austin, who come to my house regularly to play with my children. Both children are very bright and extremely educated, due to Rebecca’s fantastic homeschooling skills. She is so patient and tries so hard to meet their needs. They have their children go to patriotic camp every year which I think is phenomenal. They care so much about providing a loving and supportive environment for Emma and Austin. I have seen them deal With great heartache. They are an inspiration. They teach their children how to serve others and to do their best. They have brought our family cookies on a few occasions and have even sung to us at the door at Christmas time. Their children are outgoing and confident. So lucky to know this incredible family."

"Nate and Rebecca are wonderful and kind people! We have been invited into their home for delicious desserts and to visit which we have enjoyed. I was invited to hike with Rebecca and their children and had a great time! Austin and Emma are curious and seem to enjoy learning and being active. They are taught well at home and it is very evident that using words to express themselves is a high priority. Any disagreements that can’t be resolved alone are met with calm guidance from Rebecca and Nate. United parenting is something to be commended for these days and Rebecca and Nate have my respect and admiration for the efforts they put in to their family relationships. "

"Dedicated, intelligent, loving, kind parents are what every child needs, and Nathan and Rebecca Scott have all the qualities that make them extraordinary parents. I’ve watched them handle deep disappointment with patience and hope. They have worked tirelessly for their kids - night and day. Their two children are the smartest in their age group because Nathan and Rebecca homeschool with a passion and with complete consistency. They are well rounded in every way: smart, creative, industrious, social, religious, love the outdoors and animals, and are constantly serving others in their community. The Scotts are very well respected in our church and community. Those who know them love them. They are patient and kind yet firm with their children, who adore them. I can’t recommend Nathan and Rebecca highly enough. "

"I've known Rebecca my whole life, since I'm her younger brother. I've also known Nathan since she married him in 2007. They are both great people who are working hard to raise a happy family. Nathan has a great sense of humor, and often makes me smile. Rebecca has a passion for art and animals. They both are devoted to being parents, and exemplify this by teaching their kids principles of work, responsibility, respect, devotion to God, and by spending quality time doing fun things with them. My family has joined them on occasion for some fun family outings, like hikes and game nights."

"We've had the pleasure of knowing Nate and Rebecca since our time in college together. We enjoy getting together several times a year, which has been even more fun as our families have grown. Our little boy is always happy to see his big friends, Emma and Austin, and we've had lots of fun spending time together at our yearly college reunion, at game days, and the swimming pool. Nate and Rebecca have always impressed me with their zest for the outdoors, their ability to create almost anything (from amazing to desserts to professional-level crafts), and their loyalty and concern for others. I'm amazed at the literal heights to which their entire family ascends on various hikes, and inspired by the frequent and meaningful gatherings they have with their extended families. As we've gone through various challenges, they've always shown us genuine concern, and they've also been ready to celebrate with us in our happy moments. It's obvious when you're with them that their hearts and minds are centered on their kids, Austin and Emma. When I hear of all the wonderful activities Rebecca plans for the kids each day, I'm amazed at her creativity and sacrifice of time. They have a lot of love and generosity in their home!"

"Rebecca and Nate are two of the kindest, most patient, adventurous people I know. They are full of life and energy - always positive and making the most of situations. Rebecca is a role model to me of a loving parent who is patient amidst homeschooling two energetic children. Rebecca and Nate value their family above everything else. They spend a lot of time with both sides of their extended family and religiously set aside time to help cultivate loving relationships within their immediate family. Austin and Emma are very intelligent kids that love to learn new things! The family loves to support this love of learning and they often go hiking in the great outdoors together. I have no doubt that they would be great parents for any adopted child. Nate and Rebecca are great people, siblings, and parents. If you are looking for a patient, loving, settled family that nurtures their children in the home, then these are the parents you've been looking for."

"Rebecca and Nate Scott are dedicated parents willing to go to all the effort required to take care of their children, love them, and give them the life experiences and supports they need to become responsible adults as they grow older. They do this by having fun with their children, teaching them through home activities and responsibilities, working with them on individual and family projects, and providing other activities that will help them to learn to care for themselves. Rebecca and Nathan have 1 child by birth of their own and 1 adopted at this point. In my estimation each has received equal amounts of support with no favoritism. Each is helped and cared for according to the child's own temperament and needs. Both Rebecca and Nathan are very involved with their children's education making sure each is challenged to keep learning more and pursue needed skills as well as interests. Discipline is always appropriate to the misbehavior being addressed, with natural or other consequences related to the problem being used as teaching tools. Family activities often include such things as hiking, picnicking, museums, vacations to National Parks, and extended family activities. Family games played together at home as well as work projects done together also help them develop a closeness one with another as they learn to interact in positive ways. Their children have also been involved in outside activities such as music, karate, and gymnastics. This helps children to learn the benefits from persistence and gain the skills and mental strength required to stick to a goal and achieve it. We highly reccommend them as great parents who would welcome and care properly for another child."

"Nate and Rebecca are two of the most amazing people I know. They are so well-rounded, so grounded, and so wonderful to be around. My children and I love spending time with them and always leave feeling grateful for their friendship. They have so many talents and are so generous in sharing them. We have some of Rebecca's beautiful paintings hanging in our home, our families have enjoyed great times hiking together, and we always look forward to their amazing fruit pies in the fall. We are grateful to have Nate and Rebecca and Austin in our lives! They are the best of the best!"

"Nate and Rebecca are wonderful neighbors. To us they have been nothing but kind and caring. Just a couple of things. My dad lives next to me and Nate and Rebecca live just a couple houses down. My father is aging and always loves to have visits as you might imagine. They bring their little boy Austin over to visit with my dad quite often. I think it's wonderful that they would do that. Also, my wife needs help as she is recovering from a stroke. Rebecca takes time out of her schedule to come over and be with my wife and get lunch if needed. I for one appreciate their kindness and selflessness."

"I am Nathan's older (and only) sister, Melissa. My husband and I have eight boys. Nathan, Rebecca and Austin are in our home frequently, playing games, eating good food, teasing nephews, laughing, having fun, and we love it. (you'll find that Nathan is referred to as Nate quite frequently- I grew up calling him Nathan, so that is what I still call him, even though most of the time he goes by Nate now) Nathan and Rebecca are people who care deeply. They care about each other, they care about their son Austin, and they would care about and cherish any child added to their family with all of their hearts. They have an awesome extended family on both sides (I might be a little biased) that would add even more love on top of that. Some of the things I admire about Nathan is his dedication and hard work to support their family so Rebecca can stay home with their children. HIs willingness to compromise when called for, or stand firm when needed. Some of the things I admire about Rebecca is her artistic attention to detail, her conscientious parenting- she thinks about and plans ways to teach and play with Austin- and her ability to get the work done so she can play. They are both good at working hard so they can play hard. I also love the way they support each other in the use of their talents. They are both really good singers, and they take turns being part of a community choir. They both take a lot of joy in their son, they take time to appreciate him and the fun things he does/says. I would say the thing that directs their lives is that they both care deeply about their relationship with Heavenly Father. It is not something they talk about all the time, but you can tell in the way they live and the way they treat each other and the people around them. They have a lot of joy and a lot of love and I would have no issue whatsoever in recommending them to anyone. They aren't perfect- nobody is- but I have no doubt they could be the perfect parents for a special little someone who needs a good home. I will add one thing- Nathan and Rebecca tend to be very private, especially about the things that matter most to them. The fact that they are willing to put up a profile for anyone to see, to share their lives, to put themselves out there, is an indication of how very much they desire to add more children to their family. I sincerely hope and pray that that desire will be granted- perhaps by you. "

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