" This couple is one to admire - together and as individuals. I look up to Brooke for her strength, faith, outgoingness, ambition and determination. As long as I’ve known her, she’s been a role model to many - including myself. Sean has a presence that can calm any room and lighten any mood. His kindness, friendliness, and patience compliments Brooke, making them the perfect team. It was truly the love of a child that brought Brooke and Sean together - their beautiful Jada. Brooke took her in as her own and always has her best interests at heart. When God blessed them with Sutten, no one realized the miracle she would become. I witnessed the heartbreak that came the following years as Brooke and I stayed closely connected. I prayed with and for Brooke and Sean through all the good news and bad. I continue to pray every day that their lucky child finds them soon. I have an endless amount of words to describe how capable and deserving these two are to add to their family. There’s no doubt that they will love and protect any child as they do Jada and Sutten. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with Brooke and Sean. "

"Sean and I grew up together. Neither one of us had a brother and in many ways we filled that position in life for each other. Life has a way of getting busy, but Sean has always been the type of person to selflessly come through and put the ones he loves first. After every encountered I had with Jada (Sean’s’ first child with Kaylee) as she advanced through toddler and preschool age, I was impressed with her distemper, communication ability and healthy appetite to try new things. This is in no small part thanks to how she has always been treated and talked to as a person and not just a child. A type of family parenting I feel is seen less and less in society. I see this same development happening with Sutten as well. Brooke and I met shortly after her and Sean started dating. It didn’t take me long to see she had a natural maternal instinct, and her passion would be to teach and guide these little souls. She is always coming up with crafty ideas to excite their creative minds. These two manage to maintain the difficult, healthy balance of not only being attentive, caring parents, but also attentive to the needs of each other. I believe any child would be lucky to call the place this couple have made into a home, their home. I am fortunate to call Brooke and Sean friends and to be an “uncle” to Jada and Sutten. I am excited and look forward to spending time with whomever comes into their family. "

"Brooke, Sean, and I co-parent our daughter, Jada. I have known and co-parented with this wonderful couple going on 6 years now! As many co-parents have their ups and downs, we have been very fortunate to share Jada and create a wonderful and close friendship together. Communication has always been so important to both of us and helped us build the relationship we share for our daughter today. Brooke has been an amazing second mother and role model to Jada and has taken her in and loved her as her own since day one. Sean is a very hard-working and understanding father. He loves his daughters with his whole heart and would do anything to make sure they’re happy. Their journey together as parents and making a family of their own has been hard and had its many heartbreaks but they always find the strength to push forward and come out stronger for themselves and most of all for their two amazing daughters. Sean and Brooke have built a welcoming home and family based on trust, loyalty, safety, structure, and most of all love. They are amazing parents that make all decisions based on what’s best for their family. There is no family more deserving of adopting a special baby to share their beautiful family with than this one. I personally couldn’t think of better co-parents to share with my daughter and I feel very lucky to have them in my life and my child’s life."

"I’m beyond honored to be typing these words for Brooke and Sean. In all honesty, it’s hard to find a place to begin to fully explain why Brooke and Sean would be a wonderful fit for adoption. To begin, I have known Brooke since we were 15 and worked together at a local movie theater. When I think of Brooke I think of a woman who doesn’t quite until the job is done. Ever since I have known her she has been a hard working, independent women who believes that hard work is the best way to achieve your dreams. More recently our relationship grew from acquaintances to friends. It was through our losses that we leaned on one another. After my miscarriage in 2019, Brooke reached out and was so vulnerable and transparent in sharing her story that I instantly felt a connection deeper than just two women who have similar stories. She made me feel loved. She made me feel strong. She made me feel like I could keep going. Because of her words and simple check ins I knew someone was in my corner when I couldn’t even show up for myself. She sent thoughtful gifts when they weren’t expected and she sent random messages just letting me know she cared. This is the image Brooke portrays to everyone dear to her. She works hard and loves harder. As for Sean it was more recently that I got to know him and honestly he is the ying to Brooke’s yang. They just fit. He is the caring compassionate man that hasn’t left Brooke’s side and to me that amplifies how Sean loves others. He is the best girl dad. He is always up for anything when it comes to the girls in his life. Whoever is reading this you stumbled upon the Johnsons for a reason and I believe it is because God has such big plans for them and I believe it’s to become parents to a baby that is so deserving of a loving, resilient, faith filled home. By choosing Brooke and Sean you would be getting that and so much more. Thank you for your consideration sweet mama. "

"Sean and I attended the same high school and I have know Brooke for about 5 years. Brooke and I initially met thru work, but have become close friends. We enjoy exercising together, and getting our kids together for play dates. Sean and Brooke are great parents. They both have spent countless hours turning the home they bought together into an amazing, inviting home to raise their family. They both are hard working and put their family first. I always enjoy hearing about all the fun activities they take their girls to! At home they spend time interacting and focusing on the interests each of the girls has. Both Sean and Brooke take their heath very serious. They exercise regularly and cook homemade, heathy meals. They have a strong faith and attend church as a family. I enjoy spending time with their family and know they would be the first to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I do not know of anything in their character or history that should prevent them from being wonderful adoptive parents. I wholeheartedly give my recommendation of Sean and Brooke to adopt a child."

"I met Sean and Brooke through daycare. Our daughters are the same age. I have gotten to know them throughout the years. I love their optimistic view on life, they are constantly laughing and happy, and it is contagious. They are great parents to Jada and Sutten, and have taken them on some very cool adventures. They are patient and compassionate and would drop everything to help someone out. It is apparent they love their children unconditionally, and would make great adoptive parents. "

"I am overjoyed to recommend Sean and Brooke as adoptive parents! I know that many recommenders probably write this very line, but I can’t think of two people more deserving or prepared to adopt a child. I’m honored to have the opportunity to tell you about Sean, Brooke, and their two daughters who have built a family full of love and trust, persevered through great loss, and cultivated a place in their home and their hearts to welcome a child through adoption. I met Sean in the Fall of 2015 when he and my sister started dating. That Sean is hardworking, grounded, and good-humored was obvious from the moment that I met him. However, the quality about Sean that struck me most was the beautiful relationship he had with his, then, 2 year old daughter, Jada. The love and trust that Jada had for her dad told me all that I needed to know—he was kind, loyal, and loving. At the time that I met Sean and Jada, Brooke was only 19, an age when most young women are far more concerned about themselves than raising a family. But that’s not Brooke. For our entire lives, Brooke has wanted to be a mom and possessed all of the qualities of a great one. She seamlessly embraced Jada, welcoming the relationship that Sean had with her and cultivating her own role in Jada’s life. Throughout the early years of Sean and Brooke’s relationship, I watched her become Jada’s mom—a woman who eases her worries, fosters her creativity, and guides her through difficulty. When Sean and Brooke had their second daughter, Sutten, they were elated. Their hearts, habits, and home grew to welcome her and, to me, it was clear that they were meant to raise kids. They made raising a toddler and an infant at the same time look easy and they were observably thrilled to spend time caring for their two little girls. It was no surprise when, less than a year after Sutten was born, they announced that they were expecting another baby. Since this announcement, Sean and Brooke have experienced incredible heartbreak over and over again as they attempted to grow their happy family. Through years of loss that would have torn most families apart, Sean and Brooke found strength in one another, maintained hope, and embraced every moment of joy. I have been so impressed by their tenacity, strength, and optimism and truly believe that it strengthened the foundation upon which their family is built. As I mentioned at the beginning of this recommendation, I’m sure that many recommenders claim that there isn’t a better, stronger, or more deserving family. At risk of sounding cliché, I’m saying that very same thing. But I want you to know that I don’t say that lightly—I truly believe that Sean and Brooke have built a home, a family, and a life on the foundation of love, trust, and joy and that what they’ve cultivated will withstand any storm. They are the most loyal, loving, and deserving people that I know and I hope that this letter helped to give you a glimpse into the kind of family that they are and will always be. Best Wishes, Brittany Rossiter"

"Brooke and Sean are amazing parents to their girls Jada and Sutten. The girls are a direct reflection of how wonderful they’re parents are; sweet, caring, loving, outgoing, funny, kind, and patient. Brooke and Sean have prayed too many prayers to count for another child. Any child would be truly blessed to be able to call Brooke and Sean “Mom and Dad.” They live in a tight knit, safe community. They’re involved in many activities within the community and are always bringing the girls to children’s events. Brooke even helped Jada launch her first business this summer, a bakery stand! On weekends you’ll find them as a family snuggled on a couch watching the latest Disney+ release or at grandma and grandpas house. As friends of The Johnson’s, we too have prayed many prayers for them to be able to add another child to their loving family. We pray you consider them when placing your child. "

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