"The Tyacke family are people I absolutely would trust leaving my kids with while I went on vacation if needed. They are trustworthy, dependable, live a Christ centered life, know how to have a good time, are extremely giving, hard workers, love their kids, and love each other. They are admirable for many reasons, and I am so grateful to be able to call them friends. I am anxious to see them add to their family, and know they would be a great option for anyone considering to place their child with them. You won’t find better parents or siblings. We love the Tyacke’s! "

"It will be so hard for me to perfectly encapsulate all the things that Stayton and Ashley are to me in this little letter, but I sure will try. Stan and Ash have been in my life for such a long time, and while we all have not lived physically close, I have been able to be a close part of their lives since they got married. Stan and Ash are without a doubt some of the most generous people ever. Anyone can be generous with their money, but they are generous with so much more than that. Ash has been a constant sounding board for me for years. From getting married, to thinking about family planning, to pregnancy and motherhood. She is there for me whenever I need her. Always there to lift me up and encourage me. This lady is so busy with her family and all their activities and yet, ALWAYS makes time for me. No matter what I need to ramble on about, she listens, offers her thoughts and advice and always makes me laugh. She is generous with her business knowledge and always helping me find ways to work my business effectively. She always makes sure I know what she is up to in her work so I can get in on it fast! She has always come to me first when she starts a project to see if I can work for her because she wants to help me as with an extra income. Stayton has been such a boon in my life as well. Anytime I have a question about my car, if I call, he picks up. He is always the first to check on me if anything is going on in the area I live. He always makes sure that his home is ready for us when we come to visit. He thinks of everyone in the family when planning things. Stayton is always right there with Ash making sure that me and my kiddos are taken care of, that we have everything we need. The Tyackes are truly such an amazing family. When Ash asked me to write a recommendation, she asked me to think of a word that describes them, and without hesitation generous came to my mind. They are generous with everything. Their time, their home, their resources, their businesses and their family. I am so grateful to have them in my corner. I am beyond excited to see what happens for their family through this process and even more excited to meet what sweet kiddo comes to their family. There are no better parents, no better family and no better environment for children to grow up in and around. To know the Tyackes is to love them. To be in their lives is to be truly blessed. I hope they meet their little one soon and I cannot WAIT to come love on this little cherub with all the vigor their children can handle. "

"Ashley and Stayton are great parents! They are always planning fun activities and outings for us all to participate and truly make life more exciting. It has been so fun to be a part of their family and spend time with them and their cute kids. They are creative, honest, hardworking, and anyone would be lucky to have them as parents. "

"I have known Stayton and Ashley Tyacke for over 12 years. I first met Stayton in church where we served as youth advisors together. When I heard Stayton and Ashley were planning to adopt, I was overjoyed. Knowing what great parents they are now, it would be an amazing experience for them, as well as their new child, should they be fortunate enough to be selected as adopted parents. Stayton was by far the favorite youth leader. Every youth wanted to be in his group, ride in his car, or be on his team. He has an excitement, energy, and love that is seen and felt by all those who come in contact with him. I consider Stayton a dear friend. Until they moved away from our neighborhood, I had the opportunity to watch Stayton and Ashly raise their children in a home full of love. They spare no expense to see that their children have the love, attention, and support needed in a healthy, happy family. I would (and have) trusted them with my children in many situations and know for a fact they can be entrusted 100% as adopted parents. Working with youth can be both fun and frustrating at times. I have seen Stayton exercise patience when a youth was getting out of line. He used those opportunities to teach rather than to blame or criticize. I have watched Stayton sacrifice time away from his business and family to attend to a youth’s needs or weekend campouts. He is more than generous with the resources he has and is very willing to share what he has for the benefit of all. I have admired Stayton and Ashley’s relationship. I have never seen him get angry or treat his wife (or family member) with anything but love and respect. Stayton’s family is always top-of-mind for him. Stayton and Ashley have a solid marriage and are very committed to each other and to doing whatever it takes to have a successful marriage and family. Stayton works hard and manages his resources well. I have no doubt he would always be able to financially take care of and provide for his family. As a longtime friend, I can honestly say I know of nothing that would be of any concern to prevent them from being chosen as adopted parents. Any child would be extremely fortunate to be part of their family and I know the Tyacke’s would love the new child as much as they do their own children now. I wholeheartedly give my recommendation of Stayton and Ashley to adopt a child. Sincerely, Brad Harris "

"I have so much respect for Stayton and Ashley. They both have been through a lot and constantly show their strength by how they handle difficulties in life. They are a good example of loving parents who lead with Christlike examples. I like the way they put their children above all and how they communicate with their children through love and righteousness. They are an extremely giving couple who serve and help out their neighbors with no thought of anything in return. I am so grateful to know them and am inspired by all they have accomplished in life and with their family. I cannot recommend them enough."

"Ashley and I were "Ministering Companions" in our church community. She and I checked in on our friends consistently and often took them dinners or treats. She was always the one to bring fuzzy socks, a cute scarf, or gourmet cookies. She is reliable and full of faith and kindness. Through our interactions I have been impressed with what a devoted mother she is! I adopted four children myself so we often swapped parenting stories, and she has asked me questions about adoption. The hope of adding another child to their family by adopting has been in their hearts for many years, and I cannot think of anyone better suited for it! Plus, she's just super fun to be around. She has a sense of humor, and she's easy to talk to. :) Stayton and I have also served together in our church community. As he focuses on the young men, and I help the young women we often combine activities for them. I was just saying to my husband the other day that Stayton is amazing! He's committed to mentoring the boys in his care. He really puts forth effort to be there for them, and he's always so organized. I really admire him and hope I can learn from his example how to better serve the girls in our neighborhood. He's a guy who really wants to please God, yet he's down to earth and able to put people at ease with his laidback ways. I think it's fun that he invites big youth groups over to play wiffle ball at his baseball diamond in the back yard, and he's known in our neighborhood for loving Christmas and getting decorations up right after Halloween...so fun! The words that come to mind for him are trustworthy and just a truly good man. I agree 100% with each of the descriptive words in Ashley and Stayton's profile, and I recommend them whole-heartedly! "

"Ashley and Stayton have been a joy to watch grow as parents over the years. They care deeply for their family and do everything in their power to provide emotionally and temporally for their kids. I like how they take parenting seriously but they seem to be able to laugh at laugh and themselves when things get tough... or awkward. I love this family. "

"Ashley and Stayton are some of the most kind and compassionate people I know. At the same time they are also down to earth, overwhelmingly reliable, fun loving, and compassionate. If a birth parent told me they had chosen Ashley and Stayton as the adoptive parents for their child, I would tell them that they would never need to second guess whether they made the correct choice. They would be placing their child into a strong, stable, loving family and that their child will be cherished, taught responsibility, and would have a happy and have joyful life. I would tell them their child would be placed in a stable environment to become a truly remarkable individual. As a medical provider and one who has seen the miracle of adoption, I could not think of a better family to have a child raised in than Ashley and Stayton's. In addition, I can think of a family that would embrace that child with full and complete acceptance. "

"Ashley has been a friend since High school. She is the same funny bright person now as she was when we were younger. I love her dedication and drive. Weather its finding success for her kids and their journey through autism or creating a business that supports the good growth in human kind. "

"We’re so happy we’ve been friends with Ashley and Stayton over the past four years. When I or someone in our neighborhood is in a pinch, Ashley is the first to offer to go to the grocery store for you, bring you over something to make you smile, and so on. Both Ashley and Stayton are loving, stable, and secure parents; there is no question about that. They would make phenomenal adoptive parents."

"Stayton and Ashley have been friends over 10 years. During that time I have seen them become parents and raise their children. You won’t find parents more willing to go above and beyond for their children than Stayton and Ashley. When I had a child that was diagnosed with a disability, Ashley had so many resources to share because she had done endless hours of research for her own child. Stayton and Ashley are both incredibly driven and hard working people and have provided a beautiful life for their children. But I think their most endearing quality is their kindness and generosity towards others. They are always the first people willing to lend a hand and lift others in need. They both have such big hearts and would be incredible adoptive parents. I could not recommend them more highly. "

"I have known Stayton and Ashley for well over 10 years, I have spent time in their home, and have seen them in a variety of circumstances. I have watched from the sidelines as they have each individually over come trials and heartaches in their own lives, and as they came together to start a family of their own. I have seen them set goals together, crush these goals, fight to have children, love those children, and face their challenges head on and with grace. I can honestly say that you won’t find a more deserving or more capable couple than these two. They are kind, consistent, dedicated, loyal, incredibly generous, and so capable. They work hard and never falter, even when life throws them curveballs. I have seen that during hard times, instead of giving up and giving in, they have turned to The Lord with even greater faith and dedication and have overcome their hardships as a team and as a family. Ashley always always has her children’s best interests in mind. She has blown me away with her ability to ask hard questions and do hard things in order to get her children the best care, treatment, help, and love possible. She is the perfect advocate for each of her children. The Tyacke’s have SO much love to give, and any baby would be so blessed by their love! I am completely confident in saying that they would be amazing parents to another beautiful child, and that their kiddos would be wonderful siblings. I have no doubt that they would love, care for, and advocate for this child with everything that they are. "

"Stayton and Ashley are genuinely good people. They naturally are very giving and hard workers. They make their kids the top priority in the lives. "

"Ashley and Staton are two of the most generous people I know. They are always reaching out to help others even if it is a huge inconvenience for them because they care. I can’t think of a better family for a special child to come into. "

"Ash and Stayton are some of the most generous people I know. I feel like they are always trying to help those around them anyway they can and are always wanting the best for others, especially their kids. "

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